On the Road Again


Two weekends ago, my great friend Eric and I got back to our old ways by going on to a local convention. It was the good old days again. For two decades we traveled up and down and around the country finding collectible shops and attending conventions. We drove as far as Chicago and Indianapolis and flew to Atlanta and as far as Japan in the search for our most favorite things.

My great friend Eric standing in front of the 60s Batmobile

Every Saturday was another excursion. Since 1993, we drove or took the train to Edgewater/Fort Lee, New Jersey, and New York city. We have a regular track that took us to Outer Limits in Clifton, NJ, to Image Anime and Toy Tokyo in Manhattan. But back in the early 2000s we put the breaks on our collecting days.

Quietly, we both returned to collecting over the past year. Historically, Eric has been a Star Wars collector. His collection rivals any worth in the tens of thousands of dollars. Now he is more focused on Doctor Who (and who can blame him!). I’ve always been a Godzilla collector. And the release of X-Plus Godzilla vinyls by Diamond captured my imagination and thrust me back into collecting.

After returning home from Japan, I saw that a convention was coming. It was in one of our old stomping grounds, Cherry Hill, NJ. It was the Monster-Mania Con (held August 15-18). And it didn’t disappoint. I found most of what I was looking for and more. Here is a list of the goodies: Bandai S.H. Monster Arts SpaceGodzilla and MOGERA, Bandai 6″ Godzilla 2014 and MUTO, exclusive Comic Con Godzilla 2014 poster, and Godzilla from the Destroy All Monsters Collectible Series.

Following the show, we stopped by some of the local shops in Center City Philly: Brave New World and Fat Jack’s Comics. I found the new Bandai Chibi. Godzilla figure set at Brave New World. It was a great day!