On Angilas



怪獣王ゴジラの敵として、あるいは味方として、40年におよぶゴジラシリーズを彩ってきた、数々の怪獣たち。 これら ゴジラのライヴァルともいえる怪獣たちを、 毎回、紹介していくのが、このコーナーだ。

A number of monsters that have colored the Godzilla series for 40 years as enemies or allies of the monster king Godzilla. It is this corner that introduces monsters that can be said to be his Godzilla rivals every time.


Haearu’s first appearance monster is the violent dragon Anguirus. He is an unforgettable character as the first monster to fight Godzilla.


What is Ankylosaurus?


The dinosaur Ankylosaurus, which can be said to be the prototype of Anguirus, is a herbivore of the order Ornithischia and Reptiles that lived in the land of western North America during the late Cretaceous period (about 10 million years ago).

全長は約11メートル。戦車のような体格をした、四足歩行のよろい竜で、頭部と両脇、背中の皮膚は、厚い骨板によって守られてい た。体の両サイドには、太いとげが並んでおり、他の肉食動物から身を守る役割を果たしていた。

The total length is about 11 meters. A quadrupedal armored dragon with a tank-like build, the skin on its head, sides, and back was protected by thick bony plates. Both sides of its body were lined with thick spines that acted as a defense against other predators.


In addition, at the tip of its tail was a heavy mass of hard bone that it would have swung around to fight other dinosaurs.


In the past, it was thought to be sluggish, but recently it has been reconsidered that it was light and quick.


It can be said that Anguirus is a monster that has half the characteristics of this Ankylosaurus.