Breaking news! Shin•Godzilla has been revealed in both a new poster and the first teaser of Toho’s 29th installment of Godzilla. And it’s great and creating a stir. Godzilla is menacing and disturbing. The news is breaking in Japanese newspapers ( 中日スポーツは「シン・ゴジラ」のサイズを発表!). Shin•Godzilla will be released July 29, 2016 (2016年7月29日(金)に公開されることが決定!). The new incarnation of Godzilla, Shin•Godzilla is like the original Godzilla from 1954 (最新ゴジラは初代似!!). Shin•Godzilla is a return to the 1954 Shodai Godzilla (54年初代に回帰シン•ゴジラ). Godzilla’s height (118.5 meters / 388.7 feet) is emphasized to draw comparison with Godzilla 2014. However, I don’t think size matters, but this may be the most significant incarnation of Godzilla. I believe Shin•Godzilla will tower over the American incarnation because the truth of Godzilla’s origin and nature will be revealed.


Godzilla’s appearance should not in any way make us comfortable but rather distressed, disturbed, and disoriented. Godzilla is not the product of natural selection and evolution but rather he is an atomic horror that only humanity could make. His look takes us back to the Shodai Gojira of 1954. Gojira is a victim that victimizes indiscriminately as a walking nuclear reactor and bomb leaving the dead in its wake. This is the birth of the demon without the deifying mythology that followed in the Showa era.


Godzilla’s appearance brings a return to Shodai’s small eyes set deep within a broad socket and brow. This is the strength of the poster and the new design. Mutilated radiated flesh and a staring eye. The mouth is deep reaching beyond the eye socket. The teeth are like that of a shark forming rows. The jaw is broad, deep, and strong. The picture suggests his dorsal fins sit high up on the back closer to the head than in any other form. Shin•Godzilla’s head peaks resting upon a thick neck. Shin-Godzilla.jp has been updated with both the Japanese and English posters. Here are adjustments in the color to reveal details of the new Godzilla.


The poster reads: Japan vs Gojira (ニッポン対ゴジラ). And we get the release date of July 29, 2016. And to make the day even better, we have our first peak at the film in this first teaser. The footage is in a shaky firsthand documentary style approach. The teaser closes with the sound of the foot stomps and roar of the original Godzilla.