Book day cometh and in the box are two books with two more on the way. I’m on a new mission to complete my Masami Yamada book collection! I didn’t realize how prolific his contribution has been. I didn’t realize how many of his books I already have. Last week I went on a search to complete my Yamada-san book collection. These two books are great additions and are full of information. First is the paperback book 絶対ゴジラ主義 roughly translated Absolute Godzillaism (published by Kadokawa 角川川書店 on October 1, 1995; 191 pages). The first 8 pages are in color and the remaining pages with text and photos are printed in black and white. The second book is ゴジラ博物館 大怪獣映画資料館, translated Godzilla Museum: Great Monster Movie Museum (published by Aspect on November 1, 1994; 157 pages). This book covers various advertising materials created by Toho from Godzilla (1954) to Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (1994) with 64 color pages.

Both books have excellent layouts and contain encyclopedic detail. I can’t wait to get a couple more of Yamada’s books in the mail. Mandarake.co.jp is the best source for building your Godzilla book collection.