NeoCha and MyKaiju


Something great has happened! I was interviewed by NeoCha magazine, dedicated to the culture and creativity in Asia. I was one of three interviewed about kaiju and tokusatsu. The article “Kaiju Attack” (published on August 11, 2022) features the profiles and work of myself, collector and photographer Ġużè Stagno from Malta, and kaiju sculptor Benjapol Parosin, kaiju from Thailand. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss Godzilla and share MyKaiju toy photography. Please check out and read the article. A special thanks to creative producer and writer Tomás Pinheiro and to the entire team at NeoCha.

Portion of “Kaiju Attack” (Courtesy of

NeoCha was “established in 2006 by a group of Shanghai-based musicians, visual artists, programmers, and entrepreneurs, Neocha has grown to become an award-winning company dedicated to celebrating culture and creativity in Asia” (Source: NeoCha is available in both Chinese and English.