The last few months have been busy. I was working hard on issue 2 of my fanzine. It has been a labor of love. The creation of the magazine has been a learning experience and has provided the regular design challenges I want to tackle. I’m grateful for those who helped me to make it happen. Your encouragement and support are so appreciated. It makes the time and effort worth it.

There’s a lot of rich content in this issue. I hope it’s interesting, entertaining and useful. I feel like its design has advanced and overall the fanzine is evolving in a good direction. There are more articles and contributions. Toy photography appears on almost every page. I would now characterize the fanzine as a mook, that is, a blend of a book and magazine.

Going forward my intention is to visit Japan every year for the purpose of gathering more content. I did just that on my previous two trips. I put together additional content for this issue that has given me new ideas and approaches. I start on issue 3 in the coming months.