MyKaiju 2021 In Review


The new year 2022 is underway, but it is also time to look back and reflect upon 2021. I spent last year learning my new camera. Each year I like to focus on certain types of shots. In 2021, I focused primarily on full-body kaiju shots. Sometimes I set a figure in a production environment with the stage ceiling and lights slightly visible above the figure. I didn’t any typical diorama shots. But rather, I integrated real hills, grass, buildings and more around my figures in order to capture a sense of movie scenes and sets.

Toy photography is fun but also challenging. Sometimes the photographer get what you wanted. Sometimes he or she does not. There were shots I had to do-over at least three times. There is always something new to learn and a skill to master. I don’t have a sense of direction this year yet, but I have some ideas. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for your continued support.