My Shin Godzilla Places


Time for another virtual trip to Japan by sharing my photos and experiences from previous trips. In 2018, my trip was all about Shin Godzilla places. Several weeks ago, Facebook reminded me of journey to Kamakura and I couldn’t wait to blog about it. To add fuel to my fire, Christian Gonzalez tweeted about the Shin Godzilla places he visited. And to my surprise he visited “to pin down most of these spots.” That brought joy to my heart. Thank you @seaguns_art! I hope my website and blog is useful to you as well.

This is the first leg of our journey. These Shin Godzilla places were in MyKaiju Magazine Issue 1. So no more delay, let’s go back and track Godzilla’s resurgence from Tokyo Bay to Tokyo Station. Let our journey begin!


Haneda Airpot & Tower of the Winds

Going to Tokyo for spotting Godzilla places? Fly into Haneda Airport and get your camera ready. As we land we spot the Tower of the Winds from the runway as seen in Shin Godzilla. The “Kaze no To” is a ventilation shaft supplying air to the tunnel section of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. As we make our way to customs you can see the Tokyo Monorail and imagine Shin Godzilla 1st Form disrupting the Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (東京湾アクアライン) below. The Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway is a 15.1-km marine crossing and a 9.5-km shield tunnel through the middle of Tokyo Bay connecting Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture with Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture on the Boso Peninsular.

For years I entered Japan through Narita Airport, but that required a long bus or train ride to get to Tokyo. I always wanted to go through Haneda Airport but I couldn’t get affordable and convenient flights there until several years ago. I love Haneda, particularly it’s layout, shops, and most of all it’s location. Arriving or departing from Haneda, there are Shin Godzilla places to see. There are bus trips to the Umihotaru Island along the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. Umihotaru is built on a 650-meter Kisarazu artificial island. There is has five levels for parking, commercial facilities, and a shopping mall. Before leaving Japan from Haneda spend sometime at the Former Anamori Inari shrine, which is a short walk from the train station.


Former Anamori Inari shrine

From Former Anamori Inari Shrine (旧穴守稲荷神社 大鳥居), Shin Godzilla (2nd form) comes ashore. This area around the airport was a fishing village before Haneda Airport was built.The shrine was built in the 19th century to protect the people from floods. The shrine was known for the god of good crops and prosperity drawing worshippers from all over Japan. This beautiful location has a great view of Tokyo Bay. It is a short walk from the Tenkubashi Station. The shrine and Shin Godzilla can be seen on Hiromi’s laptop.

Shin Godzilla makes his way from Haneda Airport up the Nomi river destroying everything in his path. Asahibashi Bridge stands out in those memorable scenes. Getting there is a challenge and takes much time on public transportation and on foot, requiring determination and patience. After the train ride, we walk through a recreation park, down steps, and through a local neighborhood. Get your breadcrumbs ready and your good walking shoes. It was a beautiful day but very hot. But all the effort was worth it when you see the iconic locations.


Asahibashi Bridge

This bridge is a long walk from the train station. Don’t turn back. Being there is the reward.

After winding through local streets, the Nomi river and Asahibashi Bridge come into view. Be careful because there is no pedestrian walkway on the bridge. Look both ways. Look up and down and around and spot the familiar buildings and signs from the film. The river is lined with pleasure boats that were flipped and turned over by Shin Godzilla. Next, continue across the bridge and walk along the river to our next destination, the Nomikawa Shinbashi.


Nomikawa Shinbashi

This is the prize for walking along Nomi river. It is a 25-minute walk from Asahibashi bridge through a neighborhood with industrial buildings. There’s a lot to see so stay focused. I lost my way but when I turned around I saw the iconic pink billboard. What a great Godzilla location it is!