My Interview


Oh, ugh, time to embarrass myself! This was supposed to stay a secret. But, back in 1998, my friend and coworker promoted my Godzilla collection. It was a week before the release of the first infamous American Godzilla movie starring Matthew Broderick and we seized the media opportunity. My brother and I transformed my space and rearranged my collection for an optimal TV experience. After a fax and phone call, our local FOX channel 29 and Good Day Philadelphia TV-personality Grover Silcox with my Godzilla bank in hand interviewed me on the morning of the release. I was nervous but honored. Grover kept me relaxed as well as laughing through the two teasers and spots. The movie was unbearable later that evening, but I had a great day!

I dug up this video and had to share it. This is what it was like Growing Up G here in Philly back in the day! I want to thank Grover and FOX 29 for a good day. It was a difficult time for my family caring for my father who would succumb to cancer later that year.