My Godzilla Wall


My space is running out. My collectibles wrap around my room, sit on every shelf, reach the ceiling and cover most of the floor. I’ve never had any wall space for my posters. But I’ve been acquiring more posters than ever. Some I just couldn’t resist purchasing and others I just couldn’t leave behind at shops and conventions. New stuff requires clearing new space and creativity to make it all fit and look presentable. I have a room dedicated to my collection and my basement houses my older collectibles. But I’ve had to place new books and select figures in my workspace. And recently, I decided to fill my last available wall into Godzilla wall to feature an assortment of my favorite things.

An assortment of Godzilla poster demonstrating a range of sizes.

Godzilla posters, flyers and other print material come in a large variety of sizes that don’t correspond with U.S. standard sizes. Posters usually require custom framing that can be very expensive and requires time. Although I’ve invested in custom frames over the years, it was for this reason I resisted buying overseas posters. Framing can be just as expensive as the poster. But a beautifully framed Godzilla poster hanging on the wall is worth the time and cost. And there are other Godzilla memorabilia, such as calendars, flyers, tickets and more, that are worthy to be displayed on the wall.

The wall that inspired me and my assessment of the various frame sizes.

After drawing inspiration from around the web, assessing frame sizes and needs, and experimenting with wall layouts, I decided upon an asymmetric layout of frames that can accommodate not only posters, but vinyl albums, flyers, tickets and other print material. I left gaps and spaces to insert smaller items later. I can swap in and out different posters in the frame below to keep the wall fresh. I have one B1 poster set at the top with a B2 set below on the right. And on the left is a configuration of three smaller frames that can be removed, replaced and rearranged. To add and further balance the wall I added a short shelf to my Godzilla vinyl album collection and more. In the future, I will wall a decal, a mask, and a calendar along with a flat monitor for looping photos and videos.

My expanding Godzilla wall

I’m extremely satisfied with the progress on my wall. It’s a space for fun experimentation. It brings me inspiration everyday while highlighting some of my favorite things that would have been stowed away out of sight and forgotten.