My Godzilla 1984 Places


Facebook reminded me yesterday that two years ago I was in Japan searching for as many Shin Godzilla places as I could find. Last year, I was in search of Godzilla 1984 places. Although we are in our houses, we can still take a virtual trip to Japan. It was 1984 and Godzilla reappeared.


Yurakucho Center Building

Yurakucho Center Building MULLION (有楽町マリオン) is a mall with men’s and ladies’ fashion stores and movie theaters. It is a large multiplex with 14 stories aboveground. Toho Cinema Hibia (TOHOシネマズ 日比谷) is located there with the Toho logo featured on the building facade. In Godzilla 1984, after destroying the Wako clock tower Godzilla passes through the Sukiyabashi intersection walks besides the mall destroying its wall. This was once the home of the old Japanese theater encounter by Shodai Godzilla. Yurakucho was built in 1984. Godzilla Square in Hibiya is a short walk and distance from there.

Yurakucho Center Building sits beside the Yurakucho Station, the home of the Yamanote, Keihin-Tohoku, Ueno-Tokyo, and Tokaido Main just a few minutes a shinkansen train will ride overhead.


Yurakucho Station

Yurakucho Station is operated by East Japan Railway Company and the Tokyo subway operator Tokyo Metro.

Our next destination is Shinjuku, where we will find many Godzilla places within walking distance. After visiting the Godzilla Head and Godzilla Store, familiar Godzilla 1984 places are located around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which had not been built at the movie.


Studio Alta
& Bic Camera

Studio Alta (スタジオアルタ) is a multi-purpose studio in front of the East Exit of Shinjuku Station. It is known for Altavision (アストロビジョン), the name of its large image device. This is where Chief Cabinet Secretary Takegami holds his live press conference to announce that Godzilla sank the Soviet vessel. This street can be seen in Godzilla 1954.

Studio Alta Shinjuku opens up to scenic Shinjuku Chuo Park surrounded by iconic skyscrapers and skyline that swallow up Godzilla.


Shinjuku Chou Park & Water Plaza

Shinjuku Central Park (新宿中央公園) is surrounded by some of Tokyo’s tallest buildings including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings. After her discussion with Goro Maki, Naoko Okumura runs through the Water Plaza.

After following Goro Maki and Naoko Okumura walk through Chou Park, we can walk to the Shinjuku Chuo Park Bridge where Godzilla drew laser fire.


Shinjuku Chuo Park Bridge

Shinjuku Chuo Park Bridge (公園大橋) can be seen in the distance as Godzilla is guided along by laser beam attack.