My Godzilla 1984 Places 2


Our journey to my Godzilla 1984 places continues. Godzilla takes on more laser fire between the two towering buildings. Super X approaches and so after a fierce battle takes place.


Shinjuku Mitsui & Shinjuku Center Buildings

Godzilla is invited into between these skyscrapers by a high-power laser beam car. The building on the left is Shinjuku Mitsui Building (新宿三井ビルディング). It is 55 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, and 225m high. It was built in 1974. The building on the right is Shinjuku Center Building. It is 54 floors above ground, 4 floors below ground. It was built in 1979.

Walking around Shinjuku Chuo Park, more familiar places appear. Such as Washington Hotel, where Super X makes its first appearance.


Shinjuku Washington Hotel

Super X emerges to battle Godzilla passing by Shinjuku Washington Hotel Main Building (新宿ワシントンホテル本館). The hotel has a distinctive look with rounded corners and white facade.

There are so many buildings in this area that they become difficult to distinguish. But the Sumitomo Building is unforgettable. It’s where Godzilla slept.


Shinjuku Sumitomo Building

Godzilla falls into Shinjuku Sumitomo Building (新宿住友ビル) and takes a nap after digesting Super X cadmium missiles. This building has a distinct shape like that of Washington Hotel.

Our final destination is the Hyatt Regency obliterated by Godzilla’s atomic ray when he awoke from his slumber.


Hyatt Regency Tokyo

As Godzilla battles the Super X the Hyatt Regency Tokyo (ハイアットリージェンシー 東京) comes into view. Its brown facade stands out. This was Japan’s first Hyatt opening in 1980.