It has been a few months since I’ve recreated a Godzilla theatrical poster. But with the addition of new figures since G-Fest, it was time to get to it. I had been itching to recreate the 1964 Mothra vs Godzilla poster since acquiring the recently release X-Plus Mothra (1964). I had hesitated to approach this poster among others because of its complexity and the difficultly in finding hi-resolution cast photos. Recreating these posters requires close attention to details. To make a counterfeit requires one to know every aspect of the original.

The ’64 poster like other Showa posters used the previous Godzilla suit. On this poster Toho used the KinGoji (1962) suit. All the kaiju are figures. All but one are X-Plus figures. I used the Billiken Godzilla 1964 for the small shot on the lower left. It was difficult to find hi-resolution photos of the cast featured prominently at the bottom of the poster. All the typography was reset with the help of Wikipedia.

Mothra vs Godzilla 1964

Here’s the original theatrical poster for comparison

Mothra vs Godzilla 1964 Original Theatrical Poster

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