Mothra 2021 Anatomy


Anatomy of Godzilla by Shinji Nishikawa

「護国聖獣」、二体目は最珠羅だ。インファント島ではなく、 ヤマトの守り神として登場した最珠羅を徹底解剖する。

“Gokoku Sacred Beast”, the second one is Mothra. A thorough dissection of Mothra, who appeared as a guardian deity of Yamato, not Infant Island.


Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah Giant Monsters All-Out Attack” Mothra (2001)


Mothra, the god of the sea, also emerged on the lake. How did he make the cocoon?

幼虫は「モスラ」(1996年) の物を改修して使用された。夜に水中から顔を出すだけなので、ハッキリと映ることはなかった。

The larva was used by modifying the one from “Mothra” (1996). I could not see it clearly because it was just sticking its face out of the water at night.


Purple was added to the feather pattern. Maybe it matches its eye color.


The leading edge of the wing is lined with scale-like outer shells.


Eye color changed from blue to purple.

ヤマト聖獣の海の神と設定されたモスラは鹿児島県池田湖に出現した。過去のモスラ と同じく、幼虫、繭、成虫へと3段変化する変態を見せる。昆虫としての生物感と、女性的なイメージが強化されたモスラだ。

Mothra, who was set as the god of the sea of Yamato sacred beasts, appeared in Lake Ikeda, Kagoshima Prefecture. Like Mothra in the past, it undergoes three stages of metamorphosis: larva, cocoon, and adult. Mothra has an insect-like creature and a feminine image.


The expression of the hair is suppressed and has a hard image.


As a projectile that replaces Heisei Mothra’s beam, it attacks by firing many poison needles from its stomach.


The rear pair of legs are longer than the others.


Mothra accepted even if the setting changed completely

企画当初は護国三聖獣を「アンギラス・バラン・バ ラゴン」と想定していたため、バラゴン以外のモスラとキングギドラは大きく設定を変更して登場することとなった。インファント島や小美人といっまた、これまでモスラに付き物だった要素はなくな り、戦い方もCGを駆使してスピーディーなものになった。

At the beginning of the project, it was assumed that the Three Guardian Beasts would be “Angiras, Varan and Baragon”, so Mothra and King Ghidorah, other than Baragon, were to appear with greatly changed settings. Mothra’s elements such as Infant Island and Shobijin have disappeared, and the fighting style has become speedy by making full use of CG.


Mothra’s appearance and setting have changed greatly, but the reason why it was accepted without hesitation may be that there was the Heisei Mothra series in between. The small body, the shape of the wings with sharp angles, and the pattern with cool colors are all similar to Heisei Mothra.