My Monster Mania was marvelous! The stars and planets lined up. And I did too right in line to meet the Godzilla suit actors, Kenpachiro Satsuma (Heisei Godzilla, Hedorah, Gigan) and and Mizuho Yoshida (GMK Godzilla). I had been waiting to meet Satsuma-san since 1999 when upon exiting the New Yorker Hotel my friends and I meet him as he entered. Without a camera in hand we only had our memories and stories to share. So there was no way I could miss this con!

Monster Mania 2016: Kenpachiro SatsumaMonster Mania 2016: Mizuho Yoshida

The best experience of the weekend was presenting Satsuma with a MyKaiju Godzilla vs Destroyah mini-poster. Thanks to these special guests and to those who helped to make their appearance possible.

Monster Mania 2016: Kenpachiro Satsuma

Another big bonus was to see some of my facebook Godzilla friends for the first time and others to say hello again. I got a picture with Rich of Fresh Vinyl HQ and Kyle of Kaiju Cast. I meet facebook friends—the incredible illustrator John of Robo7.com, Godzilla collector and aficionado Dell, and fellow toy photographer Alex with his dad. Others I regrettably missed. But it was a great day to be together.

Monster Mania 2016 FriendsMonster Mania 2016 Friends

All great cons bring a great haul! It was a great day with a nice haul of Godzilla goodies!

Monster Mania 2016 haulMonster Mania 2016 haul