Missing Godzilla


I have been a Godzilla fan ever since I can remember. My father kept and hung my drawing of Godzilla on the wall of the junior high school where he taught art. It helps me date how early I was a Godzilla fan. I cannot remember the first Godzilla movie I saw, perhaps it was Godzilla vs King Kong. Since then I’ve seen them all and never missed a new one (’98 only once and nevermore). But this time I won’t see Godzilla.

“Why?” you ask. I knew that I would be in Japan at this time but I did not know that Godzilla 2014 would be released much later there. And my return date to the States makes it highly unlikely that I will see Godzilla in IMAX theaters or any theater at all.

Watching Godzilla movies growing up was an event at my house. I had to search them out in TV Guide at the start of each week. Then I coordinated the use of my dad’s tape recorder and the TV. An hour before the movie aired I was in place and ready to go!

But this time I need to see Godzilla 2014 vicariously through my friends and Godzilla fans. Remember, don’t save me a seat and the balcony is off limits.