Memories Growing Up G


I have great memories of growing up with Godzilla. Every week I would scan the TV Guide for Godzilla movies. There were very few Saturday afternoons without a Godzilla movie on “Creature Double Feature” on the UHF Channel 48 or Channel 29. If a Godzilla movie was coming on, everyone knew where to find me. With my tape record besides me I was ready to watch! As the years went by I was most fortunate to have neighborhood friends with which to enjoy Godzilla.

Growing Up G

Several days ago my great friend Jon (a great man, husband, citizen, US soldier, & Apache pilot) took me down memory lane. This is the first installment of Growing Up G.

Jon: Was feeling under the weather today, so came home early. Since all my G films are at the house in North Carolina, I resorted to my AppleTV and found that Crackle has a few Godzilla movies to stream. Just finished watching Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992). I have a very clear, vivid memory of watching that with you, Eric and Henry in your room on the bootleg VHS I bought from “the show” (Philadelphia Animation Society). If I remember, I bought it the evening before in the vendor room in the spring of 1993, and then I brought it over to your place the following morning. It was a grainy picture, shot on a camcorder (of course) but that didn’t stop us from getting excited about it. In the 20 years since, a lot has changed in the worlds of special effects, Japanese cinema, Tokusatsu, the internet, fandom, and our own lives. Watching it was bittersweet, knowing that those days hanging out with you guys in Philly are gone (though I treasure the memories)…but cool to see it from start to finish again. Makes me realize how long ago 1993 really is…even though sometimes it seems like yesterday. Hope all is well with you in Japan my brother. As always, let me know if you ever need anything.

John: Hey Jon! Wow you have a great memory and I hope you feel better. You’ve jogged my memory. I remember that now and I also remember watching the greatest movie of that era with you.. Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla!! Oh those years! Though they have come and gone they are treasured!