Memories of Japan


The past week was full of nostalgia and great memories from growing up as a fan of I’m Godzilla and going to Japan. While I’ve been battling the flu, Comet TV ran a couple Godzilla Marathons that made me feel like I was ten years old again watching Godzilla on Saturday afternoons. In the future, I want to record the movie audio with a tape cassette recorder like I did growing up.

Yesterday, the feelings of nostalgia really swelled up and I recalled one of my earliest trips to Japan back in September 1999. So I began looking through old trip pictures rekindling those best moments in my life. Below are pictures of my trip with my two great friends, Eric and Chris. While in Kyoto we met our lifelong-friend Kay, who took us around to great collectible shops.

It’s been 20 years since that unforgettable trip. The best memories of collecting are made with friends. What memories of Godzilla do you have?