MechaGodzilla Arrives


After a long uncertain wait, the X-Plus Gigantic MechaGodzilla 1974 has arrived. And as you would expect, it was well worth the wait. Covid-19 has put the brakes on shipping, but DHL continues to deliver. My new figure was scheduled to arrive next Monday, but yesterday I received a notification that my package was out for delivery. But I gave up hope last night as midnight approached. I had just gone bed and began looking at photos of the figure and movie stills from Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974) to imagine toy photography shots to try. But moments later, around 10 PM, I heard the doorbell. I sprung to my feet and hurried down the steps to the front door! DHL had delivered the goods right outside my door. I didn’t hesitate to unbox it. And there MechaGodzilla was, in hand. It turns out to better than what any photos could represent. The X-Plus Gigantic MechaGodzilla is mechanical marvel and masterpiece.

X-Plus did an amazing job sculpting and painting this figure. There is a soft blue patina applied across its body capturing its film look perfectly. Surprisingly, there are multiple points of articulation. The next rotates, the mouth opens, the arms move, and the hands, wait and feet rotate.

X-Plus Gigantic MechaGodzilla 1974

There is so much about this figure to love and celebrate. Several days ago, I wrote about some of my cherished MechaGodzilla collectibles. But today, this figure is the crown and centerpiece of my collectible.