With G-Fest less than a month away my preparations for arrival are underway. And today t-shirt no# 2 arrived. This shirt features cool Jet Jaguar art from Godzilla vs Megalon. During the movie there was a Jet Jaguar schematic on the room wall inside the Ibuki. It’s one of the many cool items from Godzilla movies of the Showa era. There are fabulous set props, displays, and graphics that deserve to be made into collectibles. This was one of them.

MyKaijuGodzilla Jet Jaguar T-shirt for G-Fest XXII

Just how did I make this t-shirt. It all starts with a good screen capture and Adobe Illustrator. After meticulous tracing and editing the Jet Jaguar line art appears. There’s plenty of room for creative license to embellish and enhance the art. Overall I’m satisfied with my rendition. Hope the guys and gals at G-Fest enjoy it as much as I had in making it. Everybody needs a Jet Jaguar.

Adobe Illustrator Jet Jaguar T-shirt