Kishioka Takashi on Godzilla Raids Again


Kishioka Takashi


There are various variations of Godzilla, but personally, I think this first appearance of the second generation Godzilla is the best from the perspective of a “giant creature.” Although it follows the modeling of the original Godzilla, it has a slim body due to the presence of the enemy monster Anguirus. In addition, the time-lapse photography of the achievement of injury creates a more dynamic feeling than other series in the battle with Anguirus. The ferocity that always aims at the enemy’s throat ・・・ That “beast nature” is wonderful. It’s not an overwhelming threat like the previous work, but it plays the role of a healer who is overthrown at the end of a direct relationship with the protagonist. With this evil charm of Godzilla, “Godzilla Raids Again” became my most repeat movie.



Godzilla going through the pool. You can clearly see the details of Godzilla’s skin. Since only one GyakuGoji was produced, almost all of them were filmed in the same suit, including the boolean scene (the No. 1 suit from the previous work was used for the close-up of the legs).

Source: オール東宝怪獣大図鑑, p 27