We have watched the new Shin Godzilla trailer a million times by now. But there was a mystery that I was determined to solve. I wanted to know what city Godzilla was stomping in the scene below. Some Japanese fans identified the exact location on Google Maps but did not identify the city. The location and coordinates were too small to read. But I was not going to give up!

Shin Godzilla in Kamakura

Finally someone tweeted the city. It’s Kamakura City (鎌倉市), a small but significant city. Kamakura is a seaside city about 31 miles south of Tokyo. It was once the political center of medieval Japan. It was the de facto capital as the seat of the Shogunate during the Kamakura Period. Today Kamakura is a prominent resort town with dozens of Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto shrines. It’s known for its Great Buddha (Wikipedia).

Shin Godzilla in KamakuraShin Godzilla in KamakuraShin Godzilla in KamakuraShin Godzilla in Kamakura

Kamakura is a relatively small area that made it easier to search. As I searched I came across a small toy shop with an Ultraman sign. I’ve gotta visit this city and toy shop the next time I’m in Japan.

Shin Godzilla in KamakuraShin Godzilla in Kamakura

When I first saw this scene it took me back to the times I walked along the train tracks in Karuizawa in Nagano. The people and students, bicyclists, the overpass, and the narrow streets are so Japan. The train lines, traffic mirrors, warning tape, and hand-written wooden sign match perfectly. Does Kamakura play a significant role in the new film? Does Godzilla come ashore there?

Shin Godzilla in KamakuraShin Godzilla in Kamakura

I searched for a little under an hour to find the exact street. After a few close matches I found the exact location. The power of Google Maps and Street View allows us to match the scene from the Shin Godzilla trailer almost exactly! This street is beside the Yokosuka Line. Take a stroll down that Kamakura street! Watch out for Shin Godzilla!

Street View