Karuizawa 軽井沢

Karuizawa is a small resort town two hours NW of Tokyo in Nagano. If you want escape the busy and crowded streets of the big city, go to Karuizawa. Few foreigners would know to visit to Karuizawa but it’s the vacation town for the Tokyo elite. Karuizawa is the location of the vacation home of Dr. Shin’ichi Chujo in Godzilla Tokyo SOS. It’s also the home of several small but good shops for collecting Godzilla. Along GInza Street there are small seasonal shops where vinyl figures can be found. A thirty minute drive away there is a great shop in Saku.



Japan, 〒389-0103 長野県北佐久郡軽井沢町軽井沢 ショップ・エコー Phone number +81 267 42 6879, Seasonal hours (usually open in spring/summer)



〒385-0051 長野県佐久市中込1-21-2 VIP2F 10AM-7PM http://park10.wakwak.com/~chabako/


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