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Japan is the best for toy shopping and has no match when it comes to their biggest citizen Godzilla. And when I’m in Japan I shop until I can shop no more. I made the rounds and hit all the must stops and shops from Nakano Broadway in Tokyo to Jungle Anime in Osaka. Along the way I strolled through the shopping streets of Osu Kannon Temple. And on this trip I went to the Godzilla Store for the first time and I went back a second time. The Store has something for every Godzilla fan. From inexpensive postcards and keychains to the latest X-Plus vinyl figures to the pricey Kaiyodo figure. I even got the Godzilla Anime giveaway clear file for those who spent over 5000 yen.

Items from Godzilla Store during Japan Trip 2018
Items from Godzilla Store during Japan Trip 2018

I love Godzilla books and look for them all the time. So I’m off to Shibuya Mandarake. There is a great row of Godzilla and Ultraman books to search through.

Books from Japan Trip 2018
Books from Japan Trip 2018

I’m always looking for the old and the odd. There’s a special antique toy shop in Nagoya that I love to revisit. There are some rare finds and perhaps none as rare as this BETA Mothra vs Godzilla tape and Giant Robo record.

Mothra vs Godzilla BETA tapeGiant Robo record

I was not disappointed with the shopping selection on this trip. I searched for the old, the new, the unique, the rare, and the overdue. I was happy with my small haul. More to come!


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