Japan was amazing! It always lives up to expectations and more! Exhaustion during the trip and severe jet lag has delayed after the trip has kept me from blogging and making social media posts as planned. So I have to make up for loss time. I got to the places and saw the faces I planned to see. From Tokyo to Karuizawa to Nagoya to Osaka to Kyoto and back to Tokyo I traced as many footsteps of Godzilla as physically possible. And I left so much more for next time.

The Godzilla Store lived up to all the hype. Old spots and shops were better than ever. Everything was Godzilla from the first day until last. It was my version of a Godzilla tour. I was very intentional about visiting Shin Godzilla places. So to get things started here is my Shin Godzilla Places compilation video. Hope you enjoy it!