These are some of the best days for building your Godzilla collection. Over the last two years we have seen the opening of the Godzilla Store, the release of the Godzilla Anime, and the announcement of new Legendary Godzilla movies. And X-Plus has been right there to fill our shelves with reissues and new figures. There is a plethora of figures lined up for the Default Real, 25cm, 30cm, and Gigantic lines. Friday was another Box Day with the arrival of the anticipated 30cm Jet Jaguar (東宝30㎝シリーズ ジェットジャガー ショウネンリック限定版).

X-Plus 30cm Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar is handsome figure, accurately sculpted and detailed. The 30cm version has advantages over the 25cm release except for the paint job. This 30cm figure has a more subdued coloring to match the sculpt that seeks to portray the texture of the Jet Jaguar suit and the scuffs suffered snapping with Megalon and Gigan. I think the grey is to mute. This release suggests that X-Plus will release a matching 30cm Godzilla 1973 and Megalon figures. We hope so!