Jack & Sally Cat Hospital


ジャック&サリー ねこ病院
Jack & Sally Cat Hospital

呑川を遡上する第2形態の シーン。 右側に移る白いビルの壁面にある看板がこれだ。実際の現場にも同じ場所に別の看板があり、 CGで作り替えたのだろう。 ジャック&サリー は庵野夫妻の飼い猫の名前だ。

This is from the scene when the second form goes up Nomigawa river. This is the sign on the wall of the white building that moves to the right. There is another signboard in the same place at the actual site, and it may have been remade with CG. Jack & Sally is the name of Anno and his wife’s cat.

Temporary Prime Minister Satomi’s extended ramen


We couldn’t get a photo, so it’s an illustration, but for a moment, the ramen without ingredients that was projected from directly above became a hot topic. There are many scenes of eating during catastrophic disasters, and food may be used as a metaphor of “surviving.”

Source: シン・ゴジラ機密研究読本 (Tankobon, p 119)