Is Godzilla a mutation of a dinosaur?


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Commentary: Is Godzilla a mutation of a dinosaur?


Dinosaurs evolved from primitive reptiles that emerged during the Permian period of the Earth’s geological age, the Paleozoic Era, and flourished through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.

ジュラ紀は約1億9500万年昔に始まり、約1億3600万年前まで約5900万年続いた。その名はスイスのジュラ山脈に由来する。白亜紀は約1億3600万年昔から約6500万年前までの約7000万年間続いた。白亜紀という名はイギリスのドーバー海峡に沿う海岸を形成する白いチョークからつけられ た。単に「ジュラ紀から白亜紀 にかけて…」といっても、一億3千万年という途方もなく永い期間である。これに比べれば人類の暦など、猿人として 約120万年、ピテカントロプスなどの原人として約66万年、ネアンデルタール人などの旧人として約1万年、そして現在のホモ・サピエンスは 出現して、わずか3万年しか経過していないのである。

The Jurassic period began about 195 million years ago and lasted about 59 million years until about 136 million years ago. Its name comes from the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. The Cretaceous lasted for about 70 million years, from about 136 million years ago to about 65 million years ago. The Cretaceous takes its name from the white chalk that forms the coast along the English Strait of Dover. Even if we simply say “from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous period…,” it is a tremendously long period of 130 million years. Compared to this, the human calendar takes about 1.2 million years as an ape man, about 660,000 years as a primitive man such as Pithecanthropus, and about 10,000 years as an ancient man such as a Neanderthal. Only 30,000 years have passed.

恐竜が絶滅した原因には諸説があるが、それは地球の新たな環境の変化に適応できなかったからであろうと言われている。それは、特殊化しすぎた生物の型はその子孫を残さず滅びるという〈進化極限 の法則>の一例なのであろう。

There are various theories as to why the dinosaurs became extinct, but it is said that it was probably because they could not adapt to the new environmental changes of the earth. This is probably an example of the , which states that overly specialized types of organisms perish without leaving any descendants.


◀︎ 山根博士は大戸島でゴジラと遭遇した際、尾根から突き出た頭部を見て、その身長を50メートル以上と推定。以後、それが一般的なゴジラの身長となった。

When Dr. Yamane encountered Godzilla on Odo Island, he saw the head protruding from the ridge and estimated its height to be over 50 meters. After that, it became the general height of Godzilla.

▶︎ ゴジラの足跡から発見された三葉虫。映画ではゴジラと同じ時代に生息したと言われているが、実際は古生代オルドビス紀からペルム紀の生物でジュラ紀には絶滅してしまっている。

A trilobite found in Godzilla’s footprints. In the movie, it is said to have lived in the same era as Godzilla, but in reality it is a creature from the Ordovician period to the Permian period of the Paleozoic era and has become extinct in the Jurassic period.

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[Godzilla Biology]

さて、ゴジラが映画の中で言われているように”恐竜”なのか? 巨大草食恐竜のブラキオサウルスにしても、その体高は12m(体長約34m)、ゴジラとよく似た、暴君竜”ティラノサウルスでは体高は6m(体長1.5m)にすぎず、体高50mという大きさではいくらジュラ紀や白亜紀でも生息することは困難だろう。その巨大さは新生代を経ても生息し続け、海中という環境の中で巨大になったのか、はたま水爆実験の影響による変異なのか?ここで、ひとつ大胆な仮説を立ててみよう。

So, is Godzilla a “dinosaur” as it’s said in the movies? Even the Brachiosaurus, a giant herbivorous dinosaur, is 12 meters tall (approximately 34 meters long). And it would be difficult to survive even in the Cretaceous. Did it continue to inhabit even after the Cenozoic Era, and became gigantic in the underwater environment, or did it just mutate due to the effects of the hydrogen bomb test? Let’s make a bold hypothesis.

恐竜の絶滅の原因に、超新星の接近による高エネルギーの放射熱という説がある。もし、この放射熱が神の啓示であり、たった一匹、生き残っ恐竜がゴジラだったとしたら、あのゴジラの超越した生命エネルギーは神が与えたものだったのではないかと思え てくる。水爆実験はそのゴジラを目覚めさせる引き金だった。自然環境を破壊する産業や文明、それを黙認しながら 絶滅しかあり得ない未来へ進む人間の姿は、恐竜と同じように”特殊化しすぎた生物”といえる。ゴジラの出現は神の啓示か、それとも自然界の法則か、奢り高ぶる人間に対する警告ともいえるものなのであろう。

There is a theory that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by high-energy radiant heat from the approach of a supernova. If this radiant heat was a revelation from God, and if the only dinosaur that survived was Godzilla, then Godzilla’s transcendent life energy might have been given to him by God. The hydrogen bomb test was the trigger that awakened Godzilla. Industries and civilizations that destroy the natural environment, and the appearance of humans moving toward a future where nothing but extinction is possible while tacitly acknowledging them, can be said to be “too specialized creatures” like dinosaurs. The appearance of Godzilla could be a revelation from God, a law of nature, or a warning to arrogant humans.


According to the legend of Odo Island, where Godzilla was first discovered, Godzilla is said to be a giant carnivorous creature that eats fish and even humans. However, its life is driven by nuclear energy, and predation practices may be part of the maintenance of biological systems and remnants of ancient times when it lived as a dinosaur.



“It was a terrifyingly huge monster, and when the fish of the sea ran out, it came up to the land and ate even humans. In the old days, when the catch continued to be poor, her young daughter was sacrificed to Godzilla and sent out to sea…”
(The story of an old man on Odo Island)

▶︎ 大戸島に伝わる厄払いの神楽。昔の人がゴジラの退散と大漁を祈って奉納したもの。

The Kagura of exorcism passed down on Odo Island. It was dedicated by ancient people to pray for Godzilla’s dispersal and good catch.

▲ 上は大戸島神社に伝わる絵巻に描かれた呉爾羅の図。

Above is a picture of GOJIRA depicted in a picture scroll handed down at Odo Island Shrine.


Reference: “The Age of Dinosaurs: An Introduction to Paleontology” (Tsuo Kobatake, Gendai Liberal Arts Bunko, ’68)

Source: Entertainment Bible 最新ゴジラ大図鑑 (1954~1990 ゴジラ映画35年史), p 166-167