決定版ゴジラ入門 Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction

完全図解 キングギドラ Complete King Ghidorah Diagram
反重力発生部 Antigravity generator
宇宙線吸収部 Cosmic ray absorption part
尾(なんでも切ってしまう) The tail (cutting anything)
翼の先にもするどいツメがついている。A sharp claw is also attached to the tip of the wing.
毒ガス袋(尾の先からガスを出す)Poison gas bag (put out gas from the tip of the tail)

テレバシー角(生物のいる星をさがす)Televisity horn (Looking for stars with living things)

レーダー角(方向をさぐる)Radar horn (sensing direction)

コイル状の首の骨(引力光線を発射)Coil-like neck bone (firing attractive beam)
ギドラ心臓(宇宙エネルギーをからだじゅうに送る)Ghidorah’s heart (sends cosmic energy through all the body)

攻撃脳(目標を判断して攻撃をかける)Attack Brain (decide goals and attack)

毒ガス袋(生物をくるわすガスをはく)Poison gas bag (driving gas that makes creatures mad)

ギドラ脳(すべての生物をほろぼすことだけを考えている)Ghidorah’s brain (only thinks about how to destroy all creatures)

ギドラ胃(宇宙エネルギーをためる)Ghidorah’s stomach (to save space energy)

ギドラ肝臓(宇宙エネルギーを分解する)Ghidorah’s liver (decomposes cosmic energy)

宇宙エネルギー反応袋(宇宙エネルギーを生体エネルギーに変える)Space energy reaction bag (converting cosmic energy into bioenergy)

第二脳(ギドラ脳の命令を足や尾に伝える)The second brain (transmits commands from Ghidorah’s brain to its feet and the tail)

スプリング骨(3万トンの体重をささえる)Spring bone (supporting 30,000 tons of body weight)

放射能袋(ツメの先からまき散らす)Radiation pouch (spreading from the tip of the claw)

宇宙エネルギー貯蔵袋 Radioactive bag (scatter from the tip of the claw)

え/南村喬之 Illustration / Takashi Minamimura

決定版ゴジラ入門 Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction


X星人<知的宇宙人> Seijin (People of Planet X)

Excellent scientific power, aiming to make the Earth a colony planet!

They live on the Planet X which is wooden on the backside. But because of the lack of water, they tried to make the earth a colony planet.


The scientific power of Planet X people is excellent. They carried Godzilla and Radon with zero gravity rays and took them to the X stars at a very high speed. In addition, Planet X people behave according to the calculations of a computer, but the commander is the control.


The Planet X men have huge eyeglasses and have eerie faces, but the women all have the same beautiful face. But they are very weak to certain metal sounds.


キラアク星人<鉱石宇宙人> Kilaak People

The aliens controlling the secret weapon fire dragon!


They looks like human beings, but they live in the body of minerals that can only live in high temperature, so when the temperature falls they looks like rocks. They made precise control equipment and they manipulate humans and monsters.


The Kilaak flying saucer is about 10 meters in size, but it turns into flames of fire with high speed rotation. This is the secret weapon Figher Dragon.

決定版ゴジラ入門 Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction


ヘドラ <公害怪獣>

A deadly monster that gets bigger while gradually transforming!

Body = height / 0.1 to 60 meters, body weight / 0.1 to 48,000 tons.


Weapons = The whole body itself of the monster is a weapon, but even if touched, one would be poisoned. In addition, it emits sludge, flocculates poisonous gas while flying, and puts out a powerful laser beam from the eyes.


Characteristics = Although I came on a meteorite from outer space, keeping sludge and toxic things as energy, it grew bigger and bigger. From a tadpoles it grew like a whale, and when it landed it stood with two legs and confronted Godzilla. After that, it could fly, and when it became adult it was larger than Godzilla.


Battle history = Godzilla was its strongest opponent it fought one on one. Because it was weak against heat, it was torn up with Godzilla’s radiation flame.


ガイガン <サイボーグ怪獣>

★改造された宇宙怪獣! A reconstructed space monster!

●からだ=身長/65 メートル、体重/2万5千 トン。
Body = height / 65 meters, weight / 25,000 tons.


Weapons = A beam from the head, and cuts everything with the rotary cutter from its chest.


Features = M Space Hunter Nebula is a remodeled space monster and moves as instructed. It flies at the speed of Mach 3, but when it fights for a long time the movement gets slower.


Battle history = Hunter Nebulae and the people of the kingdom of Seatopia came twice to Earth, but Godzilla, Angilas, and Jet Jaguar fought back.

決定版ゴジラ入門 Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction


The People from M Space Hunter Nebula

★ゴジブリに似た生物! Creatures similar to cockroaches!


The Hunter Nebula had more advanced civilization than the present Earth, but the environment was contaminated and ruined. Among them, the Hunter Nebula people lived like lonely cockroaches. They turned into human beings, but their natural shape was revealed by reflection of light.


メガロ <昆虫怪獣>

★シートピアの守護神! Guardian of Seatopia!

●からだ=身長/55 メートル、体重/4万 トン。
Body = height / 55 meters, weight / 40 thousand tons.


Weapons = Combining both hands in vibrating drill attacks, firing a laser from its horn, and fires napalm bullets from its mouth.


Features = As guardian of Seatopia, the undersea kingdom, its moves are guided by a undersea man. By folding its wings, it flies at the speed of Mach 3.


Battle history = It fought with Godzilla and Jet Jaguar in collaboration with Gigan, but it was beat down.

シートピヤ人 <海底王国人>
Seatopia People

★海底深くに王国作る! They built the kingdom deep in the ocean!


It was another mankind who has made their kingdom deep in the ocean floor. They loved peace, but they were angered by the nuclear test of the earthlings and sent Megalon for revenge.

決定版ゴジラ入門 Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction


メカゴジラ <スーパーロボット>

A monster full of weapons made with Godzilla as a model!


●からだ=身長/50 メートル、体重/4万 トン。
Body = height / 50 meters, weight / 40 thousand tons.


Weapons = Space beams from both eyes, finger missiles from both hands, missile bullets from knees and toes, and cross attack beams from the chest. Indeed, the whole body is full of weapons.


Characteristic = People from the Third Planet from the Black Hole made various studies for the invasion of the earth and made models based on the strongest monster Godzilla. Godzilla also fought very hard against its body made of space titanium.


Battle history = Its power tried to outperforms Godzilla, but it was destroyed by a operating mistake and by a new killing method of Godzilla.

完全図解 Complete illustration
メカゴジラ MechaGodzilla

アンテナ Antena
スペースビームアイ Space beam ray
デストファイヤーミサイル弾 Destroy fire missile bullet
フィンガーミサイル Finger missiles
クロスアタックビーム Cross attack beam
ホーミューショット Homu shot
バリヤー発生装置 Barrier generating device
サイバネックイヤー Cyber neck ear
回転ベアイリング Rotary bearing
スペース特殊鋼 Space special steel
ミサイル弾 Missile bullets
ユニソケット小型ロケット Unisocket mini rocket
ミサイル弾 Missile bullets
ロケットエンジン Rocket engine

え/南村喬之 Illustration / Takashi Minamimura

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