The Showa era of Godzilla movies are known for iconic moments but also infamous scenes fans would rather forget. Everyone wants to forget Godzilla with his tail between his legs flying across the sky in pursuit of Hedorah in the 1971 classic Godzilla vs the Smog Monster. Oh what a better movie it would have been without it. And we all want to forget Godzilla sliding kick in Godzilla vs Megalon (1973). These are just a couple movie scenes many would rather had seen left on the editing room floor. But there are few Godzilla fans who are unfamiliar with that iconic moment in Monster Zero (Invasion of Astro-Monster 1965) when Godzilla having successfully fought off King Ghidorah from Planet X jumps in triumph over his formidable foe. Although it’s campy, we like it.

Godzilla Flying
Godzilla Sliding
Godzilla Dance

This moment has been capture in vinyl in the M-ICHIGO Shyee! Godzilla 1965 garage kit. I found this kit at Mandarake over the weekend. It’s one of those items a Godzilla fan would be glad to add to his or her collection. It is an unforgettable moment captured in vinyl.

Godzilla Dance
M1号 シェーゴジラ

M1号 シェーゴジラ: 20cm (2)ソフビキット (3)4,000円 (4)発売:1992年 (5)原型製作:酒井ゆうじスーツサイズのヘッドシリーズに続いて、M1号が酒井氏によるゴジラ原型を使用したソフビキット。 酒井氏のソフビキットでは海洋堂のシリーズと同サイズだが、M1号らしいポーズの選択をしている。 X星ベース、ピアノ線製支柱付き。