Ichiko Yumeno on Godzilla


夢野一子 (漫画家)
Ichiko Yumeno (manga artist)

わたしがさる上映会で初めて第1作「ゴジラ」を見た時の驚きと感動はたいへんなものでした (S•29当時は両親 |もまだ結婚していなかった)。もちろん、「ウルトラQ」にはじまるTV作品で特怪獣ものの素養は幼いころから十分につちかわれてはいましたが……。感動の源をうまく言葉にすることはできませんけれど、登場人物たちの真剣さにひきずられたということはあるようです。 故平田昭彦演ずる片目の青年科 学者芹沢が我が身をギセイにしてゴジを葬るなど泣けるではありませんか(涙もろい私はほんとに泣いた)。

When I saw the first movie “Godzilla” for the first time at a screening, I was very surprised and impressed (at the time of S•29, my parents were not yet married). Of course, I was well trained in special monsters since I was a child in TV works starting with “Ultra Q”… I can’t put into words the source of my excitement, but it seems that I was drawn to the seriousness of the characters. The one-eyed young scientist Serizawa, played by the late Akihiko Hirata, used his own body to bury Goji.


And most of all, I was afraid of Godzilla. It was good that the Godzilla itself didn’t appear on the screen very much, and the fact that it was black and white and the training film of the Self-Defense Forces combined made that ridiculous existence really feel real.

名場面は数々ありますが、一番こわかったのは、大戸島にゴジラが上陸して(まるで台風)漁民の家の上を通過したシーン。夜寝ていると突然ドーンドーンという大音響と共に地面がゆれ、粗末な家屋がガラガラと頭の上に崩れて来る。まるで大地震です。そう! 私はこの世で何が嫌いかといって地震ほと大っきらいなものはない。突如襲いくる恐怖の天変地異。それがゴジラな のでした。あーこわ。

There are many famous scenes, but the one that scared me the most was the scene when Godzilla landed on Odo Island (like a typhoon) and passed over the fisherman’s house. When I was sleeping at night, the ground suddenly shook with a loud boom, and the poor house came crashing down on my head. It’s like an earthquake. That’s right! There is nothing in this world that I hate more than earthquakes. A terrifying cataclysm that suddenly strikes. That’s what Godzilla was for him. Oh scary.

▲ 芹沢はたった一つのオキシジェンデストロイヤーを持って自らゴジラの眠海底に潜って行く。彼は自分の研究に関する全資料を焼き捨てていた

Serizawa dives into Godzilla’s sleepy seabed with only one Oxygen Destroyer. He had burned all his material on his research

Source: The Declaration of Godzilla (JICC, p 32)