I was inside Mechagodzilla


I entered Mechagodzilla!

宣伝 鹿野英男
Promotion Hideo Kano

私は「ゴジラ対メカゴジラ』公開当時、撮影所の制作宣伝に在籍していました。新聞や雑誌に売り込んで記事にしてもらう中で、メカゴジラの図解があったら子どもは喜ぶんじゃないかと思い、「メカゴジラ性能図」を考えました。「こういうのを作りたいんだけど」と特美の白﨑(治郎)さんに頼んで、どなたかにメカゴジラの絵をカラーで描いてもらいました。映画はテレビでの宣伝も重要です。円谷英二監督を最初にテレビに出したのは私なんですよ。円谷監督は子どもの夢が壊れるといって、怪獣をテレビに出すのは大反対でしたから、ミニチュアのビル をスタジオに運び入れてなんとか納得してもらいました。

At the time of the release of “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla,” I was enrolled in the production promotion of the studio. I thought that children would be happy if there was an illustration of Mechagodzilla while selling it to newspapers and magazines and getting articles. I thought about “Mechagodzilla performance diagram.” “I want to make something like this,” I asked Mr. Shirasaki (Jiro), a special beauty, to have someone draw a picture of Mechagodzilla in color. Promotion of movies on TV is also important. I was the first to put director Eiji Tsuburaya on TV. Director Tsuburaya was very opposed to putting the monster on TV, saying that his child’s dream would break, so he managed to convince him by bringing the miniature building into the studio.


Mechagodzilla was also advertised on TV. We asked Haruo Nakajima, who was quitting as an actor at the time, to appear on the program “Special Dane Appearance!!” I had him go to Tottori for recording, and of course Mr. Nakajima was Godzilla. I entered Mechagodzilla. At that time, Anguirus was also there, but it contains Okuno from the advertising department. Mechagodzilla is said to have a lower body of 20 kg and an upper body of 40 kg, and it was so heavy that I could barely walk. However, Masaichi Kaneda, who was appearing on the program, jokingly stepped on. It was really hard.

そうそう、「東宝チャンピオンまつり」 という名前は私が考えたんですよ。 その元の発想は、『巨人の星』というアニメの チャンピオンと、ゴジラという怪獣のチャンピオンが互いに並び立つというイメージです。1980年の『モスラ対ゴジラ』(64年)のリバイバル上映では、「ポスターに当時大人気だった松本零士先生にゴジラを描いていただく」という上司からの厳命があり、帰宅後に深夜まで、カ月ほど日参してなんとか原稿をいただいたことを、いまでも昨日のことのように覚えています。

Oh yeah, I came up with the name “Toho Champion Festival.” The original idea is that the champion of the animation “Star of the Giants” and the champion of the monster called Godzilla stand side by side with each other. At the revival screening of “Mothra vs. Godzilla” (1980) in 1980, there was a strict order from the boss that “Mr. Reiji Matsumoto, who was very popular at the time, would draw Godzilla on the poster,” and it took about a month until midnight after returning home. I still remember that I managed to get the manuscript as it was yesterday.

Source: 昭和メカゴジラ, p 134