I entered Showa MechaGodzilla!!


I entered Showa MechaGodzilla!!


A capture of the photo in the lower half of the body and the video image of that time. The movement is light.

漫画家でスーツアクターの破李 拳竜氏は、1984年の特撮大会用の東宝スタジオ探訪ビデオで、メカゴジラスーツに入った。着心地の証言は貴重だ。スーツは東宝スタジオの倉庫内の高い棚に置かれていた。「上半身は1号も2号も当時はありまして、1号のほうが、棚の手前に置かれて下ろしやすく、そちらに入ったんです。下半身は吊りズポン式、上半身は被ると肩に背負子が乗って、ズシッとした重さが掛かると共にしっかり安定します。首の内側は空洞だから、ちょうどバケツを被ったような感覚で、圧迫感は少ないスーツでした。中の内貼りの布は破れている個所もあり、造形して10年の時の流れは感じましたが、全体の状態はよかったですね。ただ、特撮現場の汗と涙が浸み込んだ、着ぐるみ独特の匂いはありました」

Hurricane Ryu, a manga artist and suit actor, entered the Mechagodzilla suit in the 1984 Tokusatsu Studio exploration video for the special effects competition. Testimony of comfort is valuable. The suit was placed on a high shelf in the warehouse of Toho Studio. “There were No. 1 and No. 2 upper bodies at that time, and No. 1 was placed in front of the shelf and was easier to put down, so I entered there. The lower body is a hanging cloth type, and the upper body is covered with a backpack on the shoulder. The weight is heavy and stable. The inside of the neck is hollow, so it feels like you’re wearing a bucket, and the suit feels less oppressive. The inner cloth inside is torn. There were some parts, and I felt the passage of 10 years after modeling, but the overall condition was good. However, there was a unique smell of the costume, which was soaked with sweat and tears from the special effects site.”