Home from Japan


Two Homes

I am back home after an action-packed vacation. My departing flight was out of Narita Airport rather than Haneda. I took the airport line from Kuramae Station located only a few yards from my hotel. My arms were loaded down with two bags and my carry bag on my back. I didn’t plan to buy all this stuff, but in the words of the Borg from Star Trek, resistance was futile.

Narita is better than ever. I was about to check-in at 11:11 am for a flight at 5 pm. And even better, I was able to do a “self bag” check which took a lot of weight off my hands. After dropping that load, I got a veggie delight from Subway. I prepped my pocket WiFi and dropped it off at the red post office box by the security check. Then I took a stroll through the shops and restaurants in the south wing.

It’s been an amazing trip from start to finish. There were two weeks of ever-increasing challenges before the trip but God got me to and from my Japan without a hitch. Each problem that arose was answered with a solution. There is so much to be happy about this trip. Over the next few days and weeks I will share more details about the trip and all the things I brought back home with me.

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