Check out this great independent documentary on Godzilla called “Hail To The King: 60 Years of Destruction” directed and hosted by Kyle Yount of KaijuCast.com. Kyle is joined by David Eric Dopko to take us along their journey. John Stanowski of KaijuAddicts.com was responsible for post-production title editing. The documentary contains great interviews with Akira Takarada, Yushio Tsuchiya, Akira Kubo, Yukiko Kobayashi, Shinpei Hayashiya, and others. Also it contains a special visit to Kokubinji Studio where the Japanese art of tokusatsu is study, practiced, and preserved by future generations. The film ends with a trip to Toho Studios and its famous Godzilla status. It’s funny I was in Japan around the same time as they were. I too was going on my Godzilla journey. I went to many of the same places.