The Great Godzilla Expo


Over the summer, I had to gut my basement and in the process I found pictures from my first trip to Japan in December of 1994! They go along with my trips videos. But the most important photos did not develop well. And there were shots of the Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (1994) poster outside the theater in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, which is now the HUMAX Theater, down the street from Sunshine City. But my memories have not faded. 1994 was the celebration of Godzilla’s 40th Birthday. And there was more going on than I knew.

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Little did I know, several months earlier, the Great Godzilla Expo (大ゴジラ博) was held up the street at Sunshine City Culture Center (池袋サンシャインシティ文化会館) on the 4th floor. The expo was a short walk from my hotel and the theater. If I had only known. I had no friend at home nor in Japan who could tell me what events were taking place. There was no Internet, no, and no Google to search. To make up for that missed opportunity, I’ve started to search for collectibles from the expo such as original event flyers, tickets, postcards, stickers and more.


40th Anniversary of Godzilla’s Birth
Great Godzilla Expo

A huge figure is heading towards Sunshine.

「ゴジラ対スペ—スゴジラ」”Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla”
94年12月10日 December 10, 1994

7月21日木 > 8月31日水
池袋サンシャインシティ文化会館 • 4F

Thursday, July 21> Wednesday, August 31
Ikebukuro Sunshine City Cultural Center • 4F

主催◾東宝/TBS 協賛◾バンダイ/コニカ/JOMO/レストラン森永

10 am-6pm (last admission is 5:30 pm)
Admission ◾ Adults: 1,300 yen (advance sale: 1,100 yen) / Children (4 years old to elementary school students): 900 yen (advance sale: 700 yen)
Summer vacation set ticket (Sunshine Aquarium, set ticket with observatory) ◾ Adults: 2,600 yen (advance sale: 2,300 yen)
Children (4 years old to elementary school students): 1,400 yen (advance sale: 1,200 yen)
Ticket (Advance sale starts on May 29) ◾ Ticket Pia [Peer?] 03-5237-9999 / Ticket Saison 03-5990-9999
Organizer ◾ Toho / TBS Sponsor ◾ Bandai / Konica / JOMO / Restaurant Morinaga
Sponsored by ◾ Hitachi / Shogakukan / Kodansha / FamilyMart / Sunshine City
Production ◾ Toho / TBS / Sparse Craft Produce
Inquiries ◾03-5954-6155

ゴジラ誕生40周年記念 40th Anniversary of Godzilla’s Birth 大ゴジラ博 Great Godzilla Expo 会場案内図 Venue Guide Map

ZONE 1 〜ゴジラの歴史1〜

ZONE 1 ~ History of Godzilla 1 ~
Reproduce Godzilla from the 50’s to 70’s with a diorama! You can meet the nostalgic Godzillas.

ZONE 2 〜ゴジラの歴史1〜

ZONE 2 ~ History of Godzilla 1 ~
Godzilla revived in the 80’s. A big battle with the bio-monster Biollante created by humans!

ZONE 3 〜ゴジラの歴史1〜

ZONE 3 ~ History of Godzilla 1 ~
All 90’s monsters together
Now and in the future are here!

ZONE 4 〜特撮体。〜

ZONE 4 ~ Special effects body. ~
The shooting site is right in front of you. Jump into the Godzilla World!

ZONE 5 〜巨大ジオラマ〜

ZONE 5 ~ Giant Diorama ~
Godzilla’s body waits for you. Get into Garuda and make a total attack!

ZONE 6 〜アミュ—スメントスペース〜

ZONE 6 ~ Amusement Space ~
Lots of events! Who can I meet today?

ZONE 7 〜ユミュニティスぺース〜

ZONE 7 ~ Community Space
Challenge the latest Godzilla game! There is also a food and drink corner where you can take a break.

ZONE 8 〜ゴジラ博物館〜

ZONE 8 ~ Godzilla Museum ~
Only precious things that are hard to see. Godzilla’s 40-year history is packed.

ZONE 9 〜ゴジラ百貨店〜

ZONE 9 ~ Godzilla Department Store ~
A lot of Godzilla goods. Let’s take Godzilla home!


2nd venue
~ Godzilla Video Theater ~
Take your admission ticket stub and go see it.

Left to Right: Great Godzilla Expo Ticket for the Observatory (summer vacation set ticket) Aquarium (展望台(夏休みセット券)水族館) | ticket back side: Sunshine City Guide Map (サンシャインシティご案内図) | Postcard: Alpa Summer Restaurant Fair • Let’s eat deliciously and have fun! • Sunshine City Alpa Alpa 66 Restaurant (アルパ サマーレストランフェア おいしくたべて、楽しくぬろう! Sunshine City Alpa アルパ66のレストラン) | Great Godzilla Expo seals | Toho Video Complete special effects (特撮全集) booklet | Great Godzilla Expo postcards

Here are wonderful pictures of the Great Godzilla Expo shared by GR-7 @ggrasperZX and スガワラタカフミ @mgs3pwv124

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I returned home with a sizable addition to my Godzilla collection. But these wonderful expo items add a rich context to my first trip and collectibles. I also recently purchase other items released at that time: the the Godzilla 40th Anniversary Special Box set I purchased in 2020 and the Toho Movie Godzilla 40th Anniversary 20 Installment Chronicles Postcard Set (ゴジラ生誕40周年記念全20作歴代ポスター縮刷ハガキセット). I feel like it’s 1994.

ゴジラ博物館 Godzilla Museum, pp 62-63