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Little did I know that Dr. Goro Maki, the mysterious professor of Shin Godzilla, had left behind a diary. Pages have been recovered by the Japanese investigation committee and recorded in ゴジラ幻論 Historian Monstrum 日本産怪獣類の一般と個別の博物誌 (Godzilla Theory) by 倉谷 滋 (Shigeru Kuratani) published by 工作舎 (Kousakusha, 298 pages). The recorded dairy pages are found from page 102 through 142. Over the next few weeks those pages will be recorded and translated here. (Errors are my own. I will make corrections and revisions.)

ゴジラ 問題調査委員会中間報告書
Godzilla problem investigation committee interim report

Dr. Goro Maki’s Diary

Handling Warning ―― Concealed (Secret)

About this proposal


This report, on November 4, 2006, Dr. Goro Maki returned home from the United States for seven days until his mysterious disappearance in Tokyo Bay. His diary was left in Room 205 at Hotel Shiosai in Zushi-Kamakura. Its content is thought to be his own handwriting. And it seems that the doctor was on board


A voice recorder was recovered from the pleasure boat “Glory Maru,” and its deleted files were recovered and organized in chronological order.


The diary, mainly written by the professor who resigned from the Institute of Developmental Genetics of Miskatonic in Massachusetts, USA, was missing and held over for a year (After the subsequent investigation, Dr. changed his name after resigning, and it turned out that he stayed in the same state.)


The diary has notes written with a pencil in mostly English cursive writing, partly in German, and sometimes using technical French terms, and Japanese (exclusively for memos) is used.


The translation was carried out separately by the investigative committee biologist. Likewise, most of the recording contents of the recorder are colloquial English.


Regarding the description, although there were many scribbles, unclear places, there were no parts that gave the impression of encryption (judgment at the present moment).


However, there are places that are painted with brushes (India ink), parks cut out by things like cutters, and parts that have been torn out, and some as the result of the forensics, with many of such “secondary modifications” done by the doctor himself during his stay at the hotel (based mainly on matching fingerprints left on the notebook).


Although the investigation is underway for the part that was picked up, its whereabouts has been unknown until this present time, and the possibility that it was burned in the hotel premises by the doctor himself is strong.

For parts painted with India ink, it is legible, and at present, additional translation work by the investigative committee members is ongoing.


As far as it can be inferred, it is a consensus impression of the fact that it is very likely that this matter itself was intended to be read by officials.

If the content of this document is true, it is a huge unknown organism in the past.


It is almost clear that it is a produced record of the so-called “Godzilla”, and as a result of its decoding, it is highly likely that Godzilla’s biological identity will be understood, and it is highly possible that light will be obtained with regard to its early production technology. The team of biologist has already analyzed while a partial analyzed is being planned. In view of the circumstances, the laws and regulations have not kept up with the ministries concerned up to now. The investigation committee and the persons concerned have confirmed the obligation of confidentiality and have been notified to work so in the future with this standard.

It seems that Mr. Maki has deliberately determined the part that leads to the core of the project, and work related to biological decipherment is extremely difficult in connection with techniques such as computer analysis and experimental techniques.


Nonetheless, we have also received reports of the discovery of several clues have been found already that may shake the foundation of modern biology.


In the following description, “nuture” is supposed to indicate some embryogenesis experiment.

墨汁等による判読不能部分についでは、⟨中断⟩、⟨判読不能⟩ 等と適宜記した。
As for the illegible part due to India ink etc., ⟨interruption⟩, ⟨illegible⟩ etc. are appropriately stated.


In addition, Dr. Maki restored the data of the mobile phone that abandoned, but there was no communication record, only a few photos were left.



⟨Before the description below, there are four pages that were thrown away. The first translation restored as much as possible from the one burn mark left in the hotel ashtray⟩


…, I have attempted petition for many times, but despite this …… ⟨Undecipherable due to burning⟩ …… I cannot regret even if I regret it ⟨Undecipherable due to burning⟩…… Thus I ⟨Below, page damage⟩

⟨Less than fourteen pages lost⟩

P. 105

• ニ〇一五年ニ月一四日
February 14, 2015

All day was sunny.

But my heart was sinking.

My computer kept saying “no”.

“No” many times…….

It is totally meant to make a fool of me, this is useless!

Of course, I am wrong.

I know.

It is no use getting angry with machines.

I know this.

Resentment is not a start.

I was just preparing since breakfast to start rewriting the program today, but I was amazed at it wonderfully.

That’s exactly the case.

How many days will continue to be like this day?

I must take care and try over and over again.

If I do not clear up the oversight, my plan will frustrated from this first step.

Anyway, I will not make it in time with my own hand calculation.

It’s only this abominable machine that can do this work.

Given the future, it would be wise to settle down now and organize the problems.

Well, where did it make a mistake?

It should have never been a big program.

It was supposed to have chosen the simplest model, deleted many variables, reduced the parameters, simplified the phenomenon, and conceived the simplest animal body plan as far as it could be thought, However…….

One, what was wrong…….

No, what was missing ……


Assuming the proliferation of all cell lineages, the differentiation pathway, and assuming every possible misunderstandood interaction (and not the number of things compared to what is occurring in the real embryo), even if I tried it many times, the generation process will collapse in the middle.

Well, in such a condition…….

Even children can understand where the defect in this bare program is?

Even if I do not understand the reason, it is clearly shown on the monitor that only it fails.

It is ironic.

Besides, it is not the anatomical collapse that I initially predicted.

It will collapse at a much earlier stage than that.




As if to laugh at me, the myriad of cells that have lost their place, floating on their own, whether not known that they are idle on the monitor, so annoying

There is no shape anywhere, there is no place “anywhere”.

Something crucial, rudimentary and something primitive is missing.

I do not know what it is!

• ニ〇一五年三月一四日
March 14, 2015

All day vector adjustment. From light to rain all day.

It was a extremely cold day.

After breakfast, the postman who came to deliver the synthetic DNA was surprised to see.

Before I could realize, my complexion was so bad.

It seems that I’m working too much.

When I looked in the mirror, my eyes were drooping and I was startled.

[I thought] “What is this monster”

What am I doing now as a monster?

As the day went by I had a conversation with my computer.

I’m becoming crazy.

No, it must have been so long ago.

It’s the worst friend as a talker, this machine ……

There is no doubt.

It is as if this devastating machine has only the ability to ruin people.

At least for that matter only, this machine is the best in the world.

Sometimes, I’m driven by an urge to destroy this guy,
almost all the time.


…… It certainly was a computer prediction.


Is it somewhat ridiculous that I say “it is too optimistic” when referring to it?

が、 しかし、位置的特異化と形態学的プロポーションの決定以前に臓器特異化プロセスを優先させれば、細胞型の決定と組織構築は必然的に安定化すると、それが、我々のまだ知らない制御ネットワークの本来の「かたら」、そう言って悪ければ、一種の「癖」なのだと……。

However, Position Specification and Determination of Morphological Proportion Prioritizing the organ specification process, if cell type determination and tissue construction are inevitably stabilized, which is essential for our unknown control network “Kaata”

There is no choice if the computer predicted so.

I just have to try and do so.

Will it really be that, let’s watch one thoroughly.

In the first place, there is a reason to argue against this one……



……Is the problem timing of DNA introduction, or is it necessarily a chromosome rearrangement after introduction……?

It may be.

Or was my question wrong?


In short, that traditional problem of how different phenomena of rank, generated pattern, or otherwise process in genomic coding, are linking together is unresolved.

I am asking about the shape of the network.


To the fact, although it deals with a kind of complicated multidimensional matrix somewhat, in fact the content that results from it, has revealed its nature is close to the theory of epistemology already.


Moreover, it is something of philosophy from the beginning, or even a Zen answer.

喩えるなら、カンブリア紀の怪物、アノマロカリス Anomalocarisの如くに節足動物然とした外見の生物が、果たした脊椎動物のように中枢神経系を背側に持つことが可能か否かというような、いたって単純な問題をいま目の前にしているのだ。

If you compare it, it seems like a Cambrian monster, an organism that looks like an arthropod like Anomalocalis, then the single problem now is whether it is possible to have the central nervous system like a complete vertebrate on the dorsal side.


I am not afraid to say that I am familiar with functional morphology, I will answer “I can do it” without hesitation.


Because I can actually imagine such a structure now in this head and even dissect the creature with that same imagination.

Indeed, with my own hand… …

However, that horse dust computer insists it is “impossible.”

What a fool, this fool… …


What is it that you can not hear? Does that mean that the machine has no imagination?

… .., the moment I thought so, I laughed.

What is the imagination of the machine? What on earth am I talking about?


March 19th, 2015

Today was terribly cold.

Until dawn, I held my urine and I woke up many times.

As I thought that it would be when old, the old days came back unexpectedly.


When I was young … …… that reminded me of my old German university where I went to study abroad, I remembered the old note I found in the library.


The strange sentences that the owner wrote were a shameful experience, and trying to learn and remember German, while at the beginning I was jokingly browsing, I missed while immersed in my reading.


The owner of the note is an example of a scholar who be a so-called “mad scientist” 200 years ago, on the other hand, as a linguist, he was in trouble of being banished from the university because he tried a dangerous experiment.


It is as if speaking of a person as a poorly made “sorcerer’s apprentice”… …


Either way, this note was written in thermo-chemistry with a thermophilic deforming biological thought, I often immersed myself to read the novel as if overwhelmed by its influence or youthfulness.


In short, it was like a kind of delusion, trying to answer the question as to how to manipulate genetic information to obtain its own phenotype.

But now … such a kind of awareness is never called a wild idea.

Today, there was such a big foresight…

That reminded me of it.


Why he says, Phenomenally distinguished from “genetic, epigenetic” and distinction • the boundary that should be originally between what is being described (In other words, it is the black box that I am struggling with right now, in the form of that annoying network).


And what is phenotypic evolution after all,
to conclude the expected epigentic shift, continuous genetic manipulation by the environment and variation series of fixed and stabilized DNA sequence are unparalled…


In the last century, as cell biologist Wilson noted, in single cell organisms only logic in the cell nucleus is genetic, intermolecular interactions in the cytoplasm (which is also a lead-out of genetic information) Is better than recognizing that it is assiduous (ie, unpredictable), complex, strange epigenetic logic of nuclear DNA.


Through this interaction change, the relationship between cell phenotype and genetic information gradually stabilizes (the genetic developmental distance between locus and phenotype gradually shrinks), cell phenotype But it results in an “unpredictable” shape. Briefly, “causal system” is drawn between internal logic and external logic.


And that is also, through stabilization through evolution alone …… Everyone said that it did not “design” like that …… While I was young, I was dragged into the reckless hypothesis of that note, but at first I was more strongly motivated to mock this incompetent person. Anyhow, at the time, there was no such thing as gene modification. In such an era, it seems that the theory logic seems to be in the cell itself to say it is an error …….


It seems as though it seems as if all of the mechanisms that were assembled in a predictable way, that is, all of the mechanisms of generating all kinds of adaptive logic to be seen in living things seem to be tailored, indeed, as a result of selection from one to ten, it is said to say that it is only (In other words, the child of this magician said, “Whoever is not a god, do not try to design it to a hedge.”)

More to come