Gojira 2016

3.31.15 (revised 6.9.2022)

Oricon Style and Eigo.com are reporting that Godzilla 2016 will be written and directed by Anno Hideaki, known for Evangelion. It was also announced that Shinji Higuchi, the legendary director of tokusatsu for the Heisei Gamera films, will be in charge of special effects. This is exciting news and placing the new Toho Godzilla in trusted hands. Godzilla’s footprint was released and suggests a return to the original Gojira.

“Finally, the time has come. we will deliver the greatest and worst nightmare to everyone”
Shinji Higuchi, director of Toho’s ‪‎Godzilla 2016

Godzilla 2016 footprint
Anno Hideaki 庵野秀明氏 (left) and Shinji Higuchi 樋口真嗣 (right)

「2016年新作『ゴジラ』 脚本・総監督:庵野秀明氏&監督:樋口真嗣氏からメッセージ: 東宝により約12年ぶりに復活する2016年新作『ゴジラ』脚本・総監督の庵野秀明氏、監督・特技監督(兼任)の樋口真嗣氏から、作品への熱い想いを込めたメッセージが届いた。庵野氏が語る『エヴァ』での葛藤と『ゴジラ』のオファーを受けてから決意を固めるまでの経緯、樋口氏の熱く深い”ゴジラ愛”と今の心境とは?

Godzilla 2016 footprint

Close inspection of the second and last toe reveals two trilobites explicitly referencing 1954. Remnants of Godzilla’s face may appear below the two middle toes. Fascinating! What may be coming?!

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