Going Back



Godzilla Raids Again is the theme for my journey today. Because after missing out on visiting the hill where Godzilla first appeared, I’m determined to get there today on my way to Osaka. I’ve reviewed and rechecked every train and timetable from my hotel in Asakusa to Ijika. During my ride to Nagoya, I listened to Mothra vs Godzilla (1964) and I listened to the audio for Godzilla (1954) during my ride back to Toba. I had all the timing figured out leaving enough time for transfers. And after the mistake made two days ago, I can say the timing was perfect.

Sunday was a rainy day unlike the beautiful sunny day on Friday. But that atmosphere was perfect for meeting Godzilla. Getting to Toba was all muscle memory. On Friday I was going on blind faith that I would arrive at the right locations. On Sunday, I knew where to go and what to expect. I picked up the bus from the Toba Bus Station rather than the Toba Aquarium. I sat on the back seat of the bus and I was alone on the bus most of the ride to Ijika-cho.

I said the timing was perfect because while I was taking photos Ms Kobayashi introduced herself to me. She is a tour designer for the area. When I told her I was there to see where Godzilla first appeared, she told me they call this place “Godzilla Mountain.” She invited me into a small restaurant to meet her tour group. She introduced me to Aiko-san, who is a sea photographer. Her beautiful work is on display on the restaurant walls. It was so great to meet them all.

Ijika port is the last bus stop. So the bus parks and sits for 20 minutes until it returns to the Toba Bus Station. It was like it was waiting for me. I was filled with deep satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. My trip could now continue without a sense of disappointment. I was now off to Osaka to spend the envying shopping in DenDen town. I headed to the flagship Jungle store which had dedicated a floor exclusively to Godzilla. There was a giant MosuGoji that I wanted to take home. The display of Godzilla collectibles was impressive!

I planned to continue shopping and sightseeing in the morning before heading off to my next special destination.

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