Godzilla X Megaguirus


Godzilla X Megaguirus

Operation G Annihilation

New History Chronology


In 1954, Godzilla attacks Tokyo. The capital of Japan was moved from Tokyo to Osaka. Furthermore, in 1966, Japan’s first nuclear power plant, which had just started operating, was destroyed by Godzilla. Japan has decided to permanently abandon nuclear power…


Due to the repeated invasion of Godzilla, our country began to walk a new history. Development of new energy to replace primordial power. Is there a future for Japan, which has problems with numbers, such as defense measures against Godzilla, which may appear again at any time?

New energy that supports Japan


Hydropower, thermal power, solar power, and wind power were all unable to make up for the increasing demand for electricity. Therefore, the development of clean energy that is not destroyed by Godzilla has become indispensable for our country. Therefore, Takehiko Sugiura of the Science and Technology Agency led the development of plasma energy using deuterium as a raw material. This would have greatly improved Japan’s electric power situation. However, with Godzilla’s attack on Osaka, this has also been brought back to a blank slate.


▶︎ 火入式で配付されたパンフレト
▶︎ Brochures distributed at the ceremony


Mechanism of clean energy power generation



Reprinted from pamphlet. Plasma energy was expected as an alternative energy to nuclear energy.


Godzilla Appears and Destroys Tokyo!


Godzilla, which appeared on Odo Island, landed in the capital, Tokyo. Godzilla, who set Shinbashi and Ginza ablaze, turned Tokyo into ruins and returned to the sea, ignoring the attacks of the defense forces. Mankind had no choice but to wait patiently for Godzilla to leave.

Moved to the capital, Osaka


Two months after Godzilla landed, the government decided to move the capital of Japan from Tokyo to Osaka. As a result, Osaka became the capital of Osaka, and the headquarters of ministries and agencies, including the Defense Agency, moved to Osaka. Kokaiji-do was newly built near Osaka Castle.


On the other hand, Tokyo became the Tokyo Prefecture, and a new city was built for reconstruction, and a rush of building construction began as in the post-war period.


Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant Collapsed by Godzilla


Godzilla destroys Japan’s first nuclear power plant, which was built in Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, for the first time in 12 years. The Tokai-mura Nuclear Power Station turned into a mountain of rubble within a month of starting operations. Godzilla once again disappeared into the sea.

Decision to permanently abandon nuclear power


Research results are announced that Godzilla attacked the Tokaimura nuclear power plant in search of nuclear energy. In response to this, the Cabinet decided to permanently abandon nuclear power generation. Since then, the development of new energy to replace nuclear power has become Japan’s most important issue.


Maglev train opened


The government recommends energy saving in each field without a definitive divine energy to replace nuclear power.


Maglev trains, which run by antimagnetic force, were quickly introduced as an energy-saving means of transportation. In the 1990s, it expanded its route to all over the country. The maglev train connects Tokyo and Osaka in a one-hour version.


Godzilla landed in Osaka


Plasma energy, which is considered to be the most promising new energy, was developed by Motohiko Sugiura of the Science and Technology Agency, and a “Clean Energy Factory” was established in Osaka, the capital, to generate plasma power.


However, due to an energy leak in the laboratory, Godzilla landed three times. Godzilla will also cause a great deal of casualties to the Self-Defense Forces and Special Forces that are dispatched to destroy the “clean energy factory.”


Establishment of Special G Countermeasures Headquarters


In order to make use of the data obtained at the time of the Osaka attack, an anti-Godzilla organization “Special G Countermeasures Headquarters” was established within the Defense Agency with the aim of eradicating Godzilla. However, for some reason it was based in Tokyo. Behind it, there was a hidden conspiracy by Sugiura and the government, which had to assume Godzilla’s attack on Tokyo…


“G Annihilation Operation” begins