Godzilla vs Terminator



Godzilla vs Terminator (also titled “I’ll be back on Judgment Day”)


The terminator (Schwarzenegger) saved the future of mankind by throwing himself into the blast furnace, but he still has a severed arm (see “Terminator 2”). Cyberdyne will create “Skynet” from this arm. Thus, the day of judgment will come when the machine men will obliterate humanity. As a last resort, the human race of the future plans to resurrect Godzilla, send him into the past, and destroy Cyberdyne. However, as a countermeasure, machine humans are also made of a shape memory alloy that sends the T-10000 = Ultimate Terminator, transforming into Godzilla’s old enemies one after another and challenging the battle. Destroying Los Angeles, the battle crosses San Francisco and goes north into Canada. Finally, Godzilla jumps into the crater of St. Helena volcano with the Terminator in his arms. A terminator that melts into lava and disappears. However, the meaningless words “I’ll be back” echoed.

Cyberdan for Terminator

Comic speech bubble

I don’t care anymore!

Source: ゴジラだ!, p 79