Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla Soundtrack


Soundtrack lineup

Yu Hayakawa



The cover is innovative, aiming to be a Godzilla soundtrack for a new era!


The music for “Godzilla vs Space Godzilla” is overflowing with the power of Takayuki Hattori, an up-and-coming composer, and gives the soundtrack a sparkling, crystal-like feel. When the film was released, the soundtrack was released by Kitty Enterprises, the label to which Date of Birth, the theme song, belongs. The lineup was released in the same way as the previous film, when Akira Ifukube was the music director, and includes a single regular edition, as well as a one- and two-disc complete edition. The first music product to be released was an 8cm CD single containing the theme song. The content is a single regular edition that contains the full-sized, full-length songs from the soundtrack, with an emphasis on the listening aspect. The full-length version also includes “Echoes of Love,” which is one of only a few theme songs in the history of Godzilla films. On the other hand, the complete version includes the music prepared for the main film with M numbers for dubbing, in order, as well as extra songs as bonus tracks and the theme song in a movie edit. However, reused songs composed by Akira Ifukube and minor original songs have been omitted, and a truly complete album that includes all of them was released one year after the film’s release in the box set “Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection BOX 5” by Toho Music. The production of the soundtrack strongly reflects the wishes of Kyoko Kitahara, who became a full-fledged music producer with this film. Not only the composition of the songs, but also the naming of the songs was based on the order memo created at the time of the music meeting. The psychedelic artwork, which matches the taste of the single CD songs, and the pop design of the regular edition, which features Godzilla’s powerful front face against a silver background, are the results of Kitahara’s efforts with his old friend, designer Tsuyoshi Nakamura, to break away from the conventional boundaries of Godzilla soundtracks, in line with the direction of the film, which has completely changed the color scheme of the series. Kitahara says that the bold design of the single soundtrack jacket in particular was the result of the understanding and support of producer Shogo Toyama. Kitahara also said that the page design inside the booklet, which boldly features stills of the monsters that appear, was Kitahara’s idea. The complete edition also has a rich design, with an explanatory booklet woven into it, but this one is more traditional. The two types of soundtracks come with a different type of 3D sticker as a first-time bonus. The visual of Godzilla stands out against the silver backing, and was ordered from a Mexican company, the only one in the world that manufactures 3D stickers. The idea was conceived by Nakamura, who is a Godzilla fan, and was aimed at creating a fun treat similar to the freebie that comes with candy.


Since this film, Kitahara has been releasing new and old film music from Japan and abroad in various projects. It is interesting to find the seeds of such a hot scene in the Space Godzilla soundtrack.



▲ “Complete Original Soundtrack”.
2-disc set. KTCR-1301/2. Released January 25, 1995. 4,500 yen including tax.

▲ 「オリジナル・サウンドトラック」。KTCR-1291。1994年12月10日発売。3000円税込

▲ “Original Soundtrack”. KTCR-1291. Released December 10, 1994. 3,000 yen including tax.

「ゴジラ・サウンドトラック・パーフェクト・コレクション BOX 5」。G-021-1/G-021,2。2008年1月3日発売。

“Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection BOX 5”. G-021-1/G-021,2. Released January 3, 2008.
10,000 yen + tax

◀︎▼ サントラ通常盤とシングルCDのプロモーション用カセットテープ。サンプル盤の完成前にメディアに配布された。非売品

◀︎▼ Promotional cassette tape for the regular soundtrack and single CD. Distributed to media before the sample version was completed. Not for sale.

▲ 主題歌「エコース・オブ・ラブ」8cmシングルCD。KTDR-2121。1994年11月26日発売。1000円税込

▲ Theme song “Echoes of Love” 8cm single CD. KTDR-2121. Released on November 26, 1994. 1000 yen including tax.

ゴジラvsスペースゴジラコンプリーション, p 130