Godzilla vs. Barubaroi


Godzilla vs Destoroyah Artworks


In this work, the plot was developed by the Kawakita group, and the proposal “Godzilla vs. Barubaroi” by Hideki Oka, who participated in the previous work as an assistant director, was selected as the base. Based on this, the staff exchanged ideas and expanded the development. Design works are being carried out in parallel with this, and many of the preparatory designs have been submitted with plots and sets by each person. In addition, it was found that “Barubaroi” had a derogatory meaning in ancient Greek, so the name was changed to “Destoroyah.”



Some of Kawakita’s directors said from the beginning of the project, “The design of Barubaroi by each designer of small monsters is done in accordance with this. All items on this page were attached to Mr. Kaoru Kamigiku’s proposal.



Barubaroi body design. It was captured in Tokyo in 1954, when the Oxygen Destroyer was used, and was brought to the Yamane Paleontological Institute. The left is the appearance when it changed after eating Oryzias latipes in the laboratory.


After being transferred to the G-Force lab, Barubaroi goes on a rampage and is burned with a flamethrower. “Fragment body” design when the fragment escapes.


The design of Barubaroi, who grew rapidly after eating the meat of Godzilla in the South Seas on the island of Bath. A setting that can also vomit because it has taken in Godzilla cells. Below is its flight form. The Barubaroi on this page has elements reminiscent of Hedorah, such as giant eyes and an evolving setting.


Juvenile Barubaroi that preyed on giant spider crabs, giant salamanders, octopuses, etc., and gradually transformed into a monster-like appearance. It is set that 40 years have passed since then, and it is confined in a laboratory aquarium.


The final evolution of Barubaroi, which has grown for the fight against Godzilla, is even larger than Godzilla. In this work, Director Kawakita requested a battle with a strange design that is not a so-called form like Space Godzilla, and this final form is also designed according to that request.