Godzilla Village Concept


Godzilla Village Concept

今年3月、須賀川市に福島空港が建設されたが、この建設決定を機に、「空港を核とした街づくり、すなわち須賀川の活 性化」が考えられ、「ゴジラの里」構想が提案された。須賀川が生んだ故円谷英二監督の偉業を讃えるとともに、世界的に有名なゴジラやウルトラマンを題材にして、新たな街づくりをしていこうというのが、その趣旨である。

In March of this year, Fukushima Airport was built in Sukagawa City. With this construction decision as an opportunity, “urban development centered on the airport, that is, revitalization of Sukagawa” was considered, and the “Godzilla Village” concept proposed was done. The aim is to praise the great achievements of the late director Eiji Tsuburaya, who was born by Sukagawa, and to create a new town based on the world-famous Godzilla and Ultraman.


Currently, in addition to Godzilla’s eggs and footprints, a 250 x 300m illuminated silhouette of Godzilla is on display on the slope of a mountain near the airport. At night, the brilliance can be seen from Shinkansen bullet trains and highways. In the future, construction of an amusement park and Eiji Tsuburaya Memorial Hall is also planned.

The photo below was also taken by Miyabi Yoshida.