Godzilla Theory 1


ゴジラ学説 1
Godzilla Theory 1

Godzilla is a creature from the age of the dinosaurs

古生物学者 山根 恭平
Paleontologist Kyohei Yamane

今からおよそ2百万年前(注1)、恐竜が全盛をきわめた時代。学問的には侏羅紀といいますが、その頃か 次の時代、白亜紀にかかて、極め稀に棲息していた海爬虫類から陸上獣類に進化しようとする過程にあった中間型の生物と見て差支えな いと思われます。仮りにこれを大戸島の伝説に従って呉爾羅(注2)”ゴジラ”と呼称します。

Approximately 2 million years ago (Note 1), the era when dinosaurs reached their peak. Academically, it is called the Jurassic period, but during that period or the following period, during the Cretaceous period, it was an intermediate type creature that was in the process of evolving from extremely rare sea reptiles to land mammals. It seems that there is no problem with looking at it. Temporarily, according to the legend of Odo Island, this is called GOJIRA (Note 2) “Godzilla.”

我々が大戸島で遭遇したゴジラの頭部から見てもほぼ50メートル位の動物であろうということが推定されます。それが、どうして今回、わが国の近海に現われたかの点でありますが、おそらく海底の洞窟にでも潜ん でいて、彼らだけの生存を全うして今日まで生き永らえておった。それが度重なる水爆実験によって、彼ら の生活環境を完全に破壊され、もっとくだいて言えば、あの水爆の被害を受けたため安住の地を追い出されたと見られるのであります。

It is presumed that the head of the Godzilla we encountered on Odo Island would be about 50 meters tall. That is the reason why they have appeared in the waters near our country this time. They probably hid in caves at the bottom of the sea, and have survived to this day by their own survival. Their living environment was completely destroyed by the repeated hydrogen bomb tests, and to put it more bluntly, it is believed that they were forced out of their safe havens because of the damage caused by the hydrogen bombs.

それを裏書きする物的証拠があります。第一はゴジラの足跡から発見されたトリロバイト、一名”三葉虫” といいましてこれも2百万年前に絶滅したと信じられている甲殻類の一種であります。第二にこのトリロバイトの殻から発見された岩砕砂です。これは疑いもなく侏羅紀の特色を示すビフロカタス層の赤土の中に含まれているものなのであります。その粘土のガイガーカウンターによる放射能定量分析による、ストロンチウム90の発見。のちほど、博士から詳しく御説明がありますが…つまりゴジラに付着していたこの中に水爆の放射能を多量に発見することが出来たのであります。

There is physical evidence to back it up. The first is a trilobite found in the footprints of Godzilla, also known as “trilobites”, a type of crustacean believed to have gone extinct 2 million years ago. The second is rock crushed sand found in this trilobite shell. This is undoubtedly contained in the red soil of the bifurcates layer, which is characteristic of the Jurassic period. Discovery of strontium-90 by quantitative radioactivity analysis of the clay with a Geiger counter. Later, the doctor will explain in detail, but in other words, I was able to discover a large amount of radioactivity of the hydrogen bomb in this attached to Godzilla.


(Note 1) This is clearly a mistake.


(Note 2) There is this phonetic equivalent in the Norito that the Toho Publicity Department made for the first work “Godzilla.”


(Remarks by Dr. Kyohei Yamane of the Odo Island Disaster Investigation Team at the National Diet Special Committee in 1954)

Source: Entertainment Bible 最新ゴジラ大図鑑 (1954~1990 ゴジラ映画35年史), p 164

[Godzilla Biology]

▲ 白亜紀におけるゴジラの生態 (想像図)。
Godzilla’s ecology in the Cretaceous (imaginary image).

Source: Entertainment Bible 最新ゴジラ大図鑑 (1954~1990 ゴジラ映画35年史), p 164-165