Godzilla Store Osaka


When I thought the Godzilla Store couldn’t get better I went to Osaka. My Spring trip to Japan was just about flawless except when I got in my own way. Every place and shop I had to see I did. And none disappointed exceeding my expectations. Since the pandemic my favorite stores have gotten even better. Nakano Broadway was better than ever. ADMSKI was paradise. And the Godzilla Store in Osaka blew me away.

From Godzilla Store Tokyo to Osaka

I’ve been to the first Godzilla Store in Tokyo many times now. And I love it. Although the store size is that of a corner window shop in a department store, it is packed with goods and fun. It’s a must for every Godzilla fan visiting Japan. After visiting Godzilla at Hotel Gracery you gotta go down the street to the Godzilla Store and load up on merch. It’s the highlight of my trips to Japan. I haven’t traveled to Osaka that often. But as of late, I’ve made that long Shinkansen trip a couple times to visit X-Plus HQ and to shop at the famous DenDen Town. When the Godzilla Store opened up its second location there, it was on top of my list of places to visit when I returned to Osaka. And that I did this year and I was blown away.

Maps to the Godzilla Store Osaka and the 6th floor of PARCO

It was a perfect beautiful spring day in Osaka following a rainy Sunday night. After a good night’s sleep I headed off for a morning day of sightseeing around town until the Godzilla Store opened at 11 am. The Godzilla Store Osaka (ゴジラ・ストア Osaka) is located on the sixth floor of the impressive PARCO department store (〒542-0085 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 1 Chome−8−3, Shinsaibashi PARCO, 6F) which is within easy reach by a short subway ride in the tourist district.

Store layout illustration (Source:

Parco Co., Ltd. (株式会社パルコ, Kabushiki-gaisha Paruko) is a chain of department stores primarily in Japan. The first store was established in Tokyo on February 13, 1953, and since then the company has opened stores in cities all over Japan.1 The fun run begins with the escalator ride to the sixth floor which is the home of the king of the Monsters, Ultraman, Lego, Capcom stores and more. As I ascended and my excitement grew, I was greeted by Godzilla’s roar and hand gripping a store sign. And waiting there at the top of the stairs and at the entrance of the store is Godzilla besides the Godzilla Store Osaka sign.

Meet Godzilla

“The ‘Godzilla Store Osaka’ is the world’s second official Godzilla retail shop operated by Toho. It opened on November 20, 2020, on the sixth floor of Shinsaibashi PARCO, located in the center of Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan. You can buy not only a wide range of Godzilla merchandise but also many limited items of ‘Godzilla Store Osaka.’ At the store, you can see a big statue of Godzilla. How about taking a photo with Godzilla?”2 And so I did! The human size Godzilla dominates the space and is the big draw. Taking a picture with the Big G is a must. The size of the Store is big enough for Godzilla and his merch. Shoppers will have all the space they need in the spacious aisle. The Store is distinguished by its red and black brand colors. Godzilla and the black walls, shelving units, light fixtures pop off the red walls, ceiling and floor. It is a sight of beauty. Godzilla is accompanied by a myriad of X-Plus figures from Gigantics to Defo Reals on display throughout the store like a museum. Godzilla movies and music are playing to get shoppers in the mood.

Inside Godzilla Store Osaka

There is so much merch. There is something for every fan from casual to fanatic and for every budget. I’m a fanatic so I came prepared to spend. And that I did. I was overwhelmed as I tried to document the store while shopping. As my hands filled up, the storekeepers stowed my travel bag and brought me a basket for all the goodies I couldn’t resist buying. I found all the sold-out stuff I wanted such as the Mothra Wings Pen Holder (モスラ羽ばたく!ペン差しうちわ) and the Gigan Apron & Mittens (ガイガンなりきりエプロン&ミトン). I got gifts for family and friends. When it was all over I easily spent over $200 dollars on clear files, keychains, t-shirts, Bandai figures and more. And I got all three cool shopping bags. On my way out the courteous shopkeeper gave me a store card.

Some of my Godzilla Store Osaka merch

The Tokyo store was the first but the Osaka store has become the flagship. There is room for everything and for more. Visiting was so worth the trip to Osaka from Tokyo. Godzilla Store Osaka is a must-go destination for all future trips to Japan.


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