Godzilla spurts blood


Godzilla that spurts blood


Godzilla who receives a beam of MechaGodzilla on his neck and bleeds a lot. What is the mechanism to spout blood violently? “That was directed by Teruyoshi Nakano, who said, ‘Let’s blow blood,’ and Mr. Nabe (Tadaaki Watanabe) said, “Okay. Do you want to make a hole and blow it with a hose?” and I set it up. I also did the blood-squirting operation. I put blood glue in a tank, applied pressure, and opened it with rush and put it out. The hose was passed through Godzilla’s body. Only the tip of the hose is out of the suit. “

Tadaaki Watanabe was Toho’s gunpowder specialist. He was affectionately known as Nabe-san (Source: Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker).

Source: 昭和メカゴジラ, p 73