Godzilla Singular Point Trailer 2

The latest trailer for Godzilla Singular Point coming to Netflix is here in Japanese and English subtitles! Jet Jaguar is prominently featured. I love the characters and the direction the anime is going in.

The Story

2030年、千葉県逃尾市。“何でも屋”な町工場「オオタキファクトリー」の有川ユンは、誰も住んでいないはずの洋館に気配がするということで調査へ。 空想生物を研究する大学院生の神野銘は、旧嗣野地区管理局“ミサキオク”で受信された謎の信号の調査へ。まったく違う調査で、まったく違う場所を訪れた見知らぬ同士の2人は、それぞれの場所で同じ歌を耳にする。その歌は2人を繋げ、世界中を巻き込む想像を絶する戦いへと導いていく。孤高の研究者が残した謎、各国に出現する怪獣たち、紅く染められる世界。果たして2人は、人類に訪れる抗えない未来<ゴジラ>を覆せるのか―。

In 2030, Etsuo City, Chiba Prefecture. Yun Arikawa of the “Otaki Factory”, a town factory that is an “everything shop”, goes to investigate because he seems to be in a Western-style building where no one should live. Kamino Mei, a graduate student studying fantasy creatures, goes to investigate the mysterious signal received by the former Tsuno district management station “Misakioku”. In a completely different survey, two strangers who visit completely different places hear the same song in each place. The song connects the two and leads to an unimaginable battle involving the world. A mystery left by a solitary researcher, monsters appearing in each country, a world dyed red. Can the two of them overturn the irresistible future “Godzilla” that will come to humankind?

Godzilla Singular Point (Japanese: ゴジラ S.P <シンギュラポイント>, Hepburn: Gojira Shingyura Pointo) is an upcoming Japanese anime television series co-produced by Bones and Orange. Licensed by Netflix and directed by Atsushi Takahashi, the series is scheduled to air on Tokyo MX in April 2021. (Source: Wikipedia)

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