Godzilla original frigate fleet


Original footage of the frigate fleet


Narration: “Special acoustic training is being conducted for marine soldiers to distinguish underwater sounds from submerged submarines. The United States is also desperate. The guerilla warfare submarines that appear in front of the waves of the Pacific Ocean are transporting us to the south. They will move with the aim of destroying the road, but they will know the power of one or two blows from our submarine depth charges.”


A scene where a frigate launches a depth charge attack targeting Godzilla underwater. It was said that this video was taken from the staff’s testimony, but it is the same as the video of “submarine training” that was part of “Japan News No. 219” on August 10, 1944 (Showa 19). It turned out to be. It is currently available for viewing on the NHK Archives site, and the footage is clearer and cleaner than the one seen in “Godzilla,” so be sure to check it out.


In the same news issue No. 219, there is a story about the training of school children’s troops, titled “Preparing for Battle,” the Navy is learning about radio radar, and a lecturer is saying, “In today’s battles, radio weapons are very important.” These include “electronic search training,” which emphasizes that “we are beginning to make a difference in the outcome of the war,” and “mass production,” which introduces a method known as the tact system, which divides production into several steps and moves forward all at once within a limited amount of time.

▲ ほとんど同じ映像に見えるが、青井氏の検証によれば、「ゴジラ」では照準している水兵のアップや、爆雷の深度セットをしているカットなどがあるが、ニュース映画には無い。逆にニュース映画ではラック上の爆雷や、教官の全身が映るカットがあるが、「ゴジラ」には無い。つまり、ニュース映画からではなく、当時の取材フィルムのオリジナルから切り出したと推測できる。

They look almost the same, but according to Mr. Aoi’s examination, “Godzilla” includes close-ups of sailors taking aim and shots of depth charges being set, but the newsreels do not. Conversely, in newsreels there are cuts that show the depth charges on the rack and the instructor’s entire body, but “Godzilla” does not. In other words, it can be assumed that it was cut from the original interview film of the time, rather than from a newsreel.

Source: 1954「ゴジラ」研究極本