Godzilla Design Decision



“Godzilla” before the design decision


For the first attempt in the history of Japanese movie, the appearance of Godzilla before the design decision, which is also an existing picture contest system in the Hollywood system.

こちらは瓦版にされた日本の伝説獣豊年魚水かきと背びれ以外は魚と呼んだものかはなはだ疑問な姿だが、前述のコンテや形のゴジラに似通っているのは偶然だろうか? (2004 年川崎市民ミュージアム企画展 「日本の幻獣」より)

It is doubtful whether it was called a fish except for the Japanese legendary beast Fish water oysters and dorsal fins in the tiled tile version, but is it a coincidence that it is similar to the aforementioned storyboard or the shape Godzilla? (2004 Kawasaki From the Citizen Museum Planning Exhibition “Japanese Mysterious Beasts”)


After “Godzilla” design (decision)


Surely Godzilla’s creator, Toshiko Sada. It can be seen that the top surface of the first template has a bold shape.

改定を重ねるゴジラ雛形、全身のバランスがややデフォルメされているが、[..]である背びれや胸の中央に浮かび上がる骨の気配 体表を覆うの流れが完成ている。

Godzilla chicks that repeatedly revise, the balance of the whole body is slightly deformed, the flow of [..] covering the back fins and bone signs that emerge in the center of the chest is completed.